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The Super Mario Bros. Movie: 10 Best Twitter Reactions To The Second Trailer

split image of mario and luigi together and mario on a cart in the super mario bros movie trailer

As people slowly talk about his most anticipated movie of 2023, The Super Mario Bros. movie it will end up on many people’s lists, and the second trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation may have sealed it. After a positive reception from the first trailer, the newest trailer gave a deeper look at the film, focusing on a war against Bowser and characters like Princess Peach preparing for it.

Reaction to the second trailer has been mostly positive, with people excited about the reveal of the plot and the first scenes with Princess Peach, who didn’t appear in the initial trailer. While fans took to Twitter feeling happy about the equal screen time of the characters and the elevation of the characters’ roles, one criticism still hangs over the film: Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario.


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Princess Peach finally gets the spotlight she deserves

It’s unfortunate that with all that Princess Peach has been capable of over the decades, as seen through various RPGs (her own game super princess peach Y Super Smash Bros.), she ends up defenseless in the main series of Super Mario games. Fortunately, this is not the case with The Super Mario Bros. moviewhere instead she seems the most capable and powerful of everyone in the movie so far aside from Bowser.

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To say fans are excited would be an understatement, as they’ve been wanting Peach to have a role outside of the usual shenanigans for some time now. Despite super mario odyssey did a better job representing her in the games, she was still in the usual situation as a damsel in distress. Now, it looks like this is the Princess movie, where she has a major role as the leader in taking on Bowser.

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all bosses

The Super Mario Bros. movie is clearly a passion project that aims to please longtime Mario fans while staying true to what he as a character and the games have known for decades. Mario and Luigi have been to various realms, places, kingdoms, and even planets, and have faced many Super Mario bosses of all shapes and sizes everywhere.

With the new movie and its clear drive for authenticity, fans are humorously speculating on the enemies Mario will face outside of Bowser as a threat. User @antdude92 seems to have a good idea of ​​who will be appearing, with all the confirmed bosses for Mario including the likes of Donkey Kong, Bowser, Koopas, and even Chris Pratt himself.

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Equal Opportunity Casting

In a traditional film or narrative structure, there is usually a main protagonist followed by one or more minor characters, followed by an antagonist. The Super Mario Bros. moviehowever, it seems to take Mario’s vast world of hidden details and eclectic characters and give everyone a respectable amount of screen time with personalities that arguably dwarf Mario’s, making this one of the few times that a movie or story makes everyone feel like the hero.

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Fans have been elated with the second trailer and how it has revealed characters not seen in the first trailer, and this has been especially true with Peach, Luigi, and Toad, who all saw the most representation in the trailer. While they typically don’t contribute much in a traditional Mario platform and have stereotypical roles, the Mario Movie makes sure each character gets the respect they deserve, even potentially stealing the spotlight from Mario.

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the first draft

Any time something popular is released, it’s easy to make a meme format out of material that can be interpreted in any way. In the case of The Super Mario Bros. moviefans have particularly focused on the brief scene in Donkey Kong in which Mario faces off against his original arcade nemesis, but is promptly knocked down almost effortlessly.

User @TomWarren comically takes the scene and puts it in the context of a journalist’s point of view in which he has submitted material but, just as Donkey Kong was for Mario, he is quickly plagued by necessary edits and corrections in the first draft. This hilarious twist on the scene seems to have hit the nail on the head for many writers as seen in the responses, and it’s one of many hilarious takes on the scene that fans have made memes of.

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princess luigi

Princess Peach has always been known as the ultimate damsel in distress of the video game medium, having been kidnapped by Bowser since the ’80s. She’s usually up to Mario and co. though. to save her, The Super Mario Bros. movie He clearly didn’t want to take that path and instead turned Princess Peach into a royal warrior who watches over her kingdom, doing everything she can to protect it.

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However, with Bowser terrorizing the Mushroom Kingdom, it’s refreshing that Illumination, and Nintendo decided to do things a bit differently this time around, seemingly making Luigi the main one in trouble. User @sapphyreblayze mentions that most fans at this point are exhausted from the repeated story from game to game, so it’s amazing to see Peach stand up and fight for herself when she’s been able to for so long.

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ragdoll sound effects

At the start of the second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. movie, It doesn’t take long for Mario to be quickly pummeled by Donkey Kong as they face off in an arena. This particular scene from the trailer has been a popular moment to use in memes, and in this case, it was sped up to mirror that of comedy classics, and more accurately and famously, Half life.

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Although the sound is not from the game itself, Garry’s Mod has become a popular tool within the gaming community. Half life that has almost made it synonymous with the game, even to non-modders, with the snappy ragdoll sound being arguably the most famous. The sound effect was added to a fast-paced clip of Donkey Kong fighting Mario, and Twitter is left with a fun clip they can’t get enough of.

the supermarket Smash Mario bros movie

Super Smash Bros. has increased its entry-to-entry roster tenfold, with plenty of surprising entrants keeping fans on their toes with each reveal. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS introduced high production value with every trailer and character reveal that saw cinematic shorts, animations, and more, and got fans thinking about what it would be like if a Super Smash Bros. movie ever made.

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The Super Mario Bros. movie clearly not a Super Smash Bros. film, clearly focused on Mario and his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. But video game outlet IGN took it upon themselves to do a quick edit to the opening scene of Donkey Kong beating Mario and added some Smash Bros. add to it a humorous edit of what it would be like if it were ever made into a movie.

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Greetings to a Japanese voice actor

Though The Super Mario Bros. movie It has been mainly promoted as an American film, it is actually being dubbed in many languages ​​for moviegoers all over the world to see in their native language. In Japan, in particular, one of the great conclusions of The Super Mario Bros. movie is that famed voice actor Mamoru Miyano is taking the helm of the film’s lead role, Mario, and fans are both ecstatic and confused.

Mamoru Miyano has a great history of credits taking on some prestigious roles in anime, movies, and video games, though he is best known for the likes of Rintaro Okabe from jugs; gateRiku in kingdom heartsRyuji in Personand the most famous as Light in Death Note. His range and skill are both remarkable and inspiring, and seeing him now as Mario is both shocking and exciting, as Mario will now channel a deeper, darker voice for himself.

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Side to side

For some strange reason, instead of promoting an animated movie for what it is, a lot of promotional material feels the need to have an awkward side-by-side shot of the actor playing a role adjacent to his character. This has happened with more animated films than can be counted when produced in the United States, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to expect a similar approach for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, especially since it may go down as one of the best animated movies ever.

The Super Mario Bros. movie it has a very notable cast including Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jack Black, Keegan Michael-Key, and Seth Rogen, and with their ability to draw audiences from far and wide, it’s only a matter of time before their animated counterparts catch up. next to them on a poster.

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The Brazilian dubbing takes the victory

For the most part, the second trailer cemented fan enthusiasm for the film, such as a new characterization of Princess Peach and the appearance of the nodding Rainbow Road. super mario kart. While everything looks almost immaculate, from the animation to the callbacks to the video games, the one thing fans are still unhappy with is Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario.

Chris Pratt already received criticism for his voice acting when the first trailer dropped, with fans noting that the voice is nothing like Mario’s in the games. The new trailer showed even more footage of Pratt’s Mario, with the first utterances of lines like “Let’s go!” and “Yahoo!” Unfortunately, many fans are even more dissatisfied that some are looking for other dubbed versions that have the popular exaggerated pronunciations of these phrases. Twitter user @playcentermd he identified the Brazilian dubbing as being closer to how Mario speaks in video games, finding it far superior to Pratt’s.

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