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The Worst Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta Dresses Ranked

Every bride has her own sense of style, and while some Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta wedding dresses wowed fans, others missed the mark.

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Every bride is different, and there are some wedding dresses in Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta which the fans did not approve of. Fan-favorite bridal consultants Monte Durham and Flori Waters, as well as bridal shop owner Lori Allen, went above and beyond to give each bride what she wanted. However, sometimes the wishes of the bride led to some disastrous wedding dress choices. With 11 seasons of the hit show on, there were a few dresses fans still can’t get over.


Such as say yes to the dress dresses often featured by Pnina Tornai, Say yes to the Atlanta dress highlighted the designer, Lázaro. His beautiful dresses almost never failed, since there was a wide range of designs for each type of bride. Not all of her dresses were a hit, as viewers sometimes complained that there was too much or too little. Another pattern in Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta It was the brides who had unusual dress requests, whether that meant wearing sneakers instead of heels, incorporating camouflage, or getting a dress in a bold color instead of white. While some of those requests led to amazing results, others had fans blindfolded.

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Camouflage in a wedding dress

SYTTDYouTube featured Jessica Black, a SYTTD bride who had an unusual request for her wedding dress who had fans screaming at her television. the SYTTD The star insisted on having a traditional white wedding dress and layering a camouflage sash over it. Many fans and her entourage on the date felt that she cheapened every dress and were shocked to see her turn down dresses that didn’t accentuate the girdle. Although she ended up finding the dress of her dreams, some fans felt it was more of a nightmare.

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a black wedding dress

girlfriend melody choate continued Say yes to the Atlanta dress with a specific vision, one that his mother and some fans had a hard time agreeing with. She did not want a traditional white dress, but she insisted on a black dress for her wedding. in one of the best Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta moments, Melody ended up in a hideous black and white floral dress that swallowed her up. Even Melody had a problem with her dress, which led her to decide on an elegant black fitted dress for her nuptials.

The indecisive bride makes a controversial choice

A video of SYTTDMelissa Schlehuser’s YouTube resurfaced saying Say yes to the Atlanta dress viewers that she had a hard time making tough decisions, including what she wanted in a wedding dress. She tried on nine dresses before finally committing to the dress of her dreams. Melissa not only made the staff stay three more hours after closing for the date, but the dress she donned left fans disappointed. The dress reminded many viewers of sheets being wrapped around someone instead of a wedding dress.

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