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There’s Something Wrong With The Children Has A Terrifying Trailer

Blumhouse’s upcoming film There’s Something Wrong With the Children reveals its trailer, starring two terrifying children who interrupt a weekend trip.

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A new trailer has been released There is something wrong with the children, and it promises to be a terrifying affair. The 2023 release will be the third feature from horror director Roxanne Benjamin and will star Zach Gilford (Midnight mass) and Amanda Crew (Silicon Valley). Written by TJ Cimfel and David White, There is something wrong with the children tells the story of a weekend trip with a supernatural twist after a couple lose their two children who go missing in the woods overnight.


The first trailer for There is something wrong with the childrenwhich is horror production company Blumhouse’s second release in 2023 after M3GANwas exclusively shared by entertainment weekly and is accompanied by a spooky rendition of the nursery rhyme “Ring Around the Rosie.” The trailer shows a creepy forest that tempts children who seem to be marching towards an abyss in the ground. From there, it descends into madness as the adults in the film are ostensibly horribly abducted by the two demonic-looking children.

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Everything We Know About There’s Something Wrong With The Kids

Alisha Wainwright in Something's Wrong With the Kids

Announced in November 2021 as part of Blumhouse Television and Epix’s television deal, There is something wrong with the children is scheduled for a digital release on January 17, 2023. This will be followed by an MGM+ release on March 17. It will be one of five Blumhouse films scheduled for release in 2023, including Insidious: Fear of the Dark.

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the trailer of There is something wrong with the children gives the first proper look at the film since its announcement. It reveals that the central couple Ben (Gilford) and Margaret (Alishia Wainwright) are tasked with looking after their friends, Thomas (Carlos Santos) and Ellie (Crew). Ben and Margaret wake up to find the children, played by Briella Guiza and David Mattle, missing, so they search the nearby woods. When Ben finds them, they seem fascinated and proceed to jump into a dark chasm. When they return, Ben seems to be the only one who senses that something is wrong, but they soon reveal themselves to be deranged and murderous, playing into the trope of dangerous children like this year. Orphan: First Kill.

Audiences can likely anticipate two chilling performances from the scary kids in the movie. the There is something wrong with the children The trailer gives a glimpse of the nightmarish twist to come, with a scene showing a bloody, grinning Giza with an eerie glint in his eye. All of the adults are drenched in blood by the end of the trailer, making it questionable if any of them will make it out alive; it also suggests that there will be a lot of blood. The trailer ends with titles reminiscent of Strange thingsown titles. Strange things It’s a show full of supernatural events, so it may well hint at things to come. There is something wrong with the children.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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