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This cheerful actress was terrified to even look at Lea Michele in the eyes! – Perez Hilton

else cheerful Alum shares her screen sharing experience with Big Bad Rachel Berry.

Obviously at this point we’ve heard a lot of horror stories about her Lea MicheleThe behavior of the singer on the set of the musical series and beyond. The worst came from Samantha Warewho was accused of notoriously cannon Singer of “racially motivated abuses” culminating in the threat of “s**t in my wig.” The other co-stars seemed to agree with the sentiment – even Heather Morris He described it as “unpleasant” to work with!

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So what was it like for someone who came earlier in the series and just had to interact with her a little bit? Still scary!

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And that’s what Lindsey Pierce Remember! As one of the contestants in glee projectShe won one of two episodes in the third season of Fox Hit, and played Harmony, a very Rachel Peresque character the real Rachel couldn’t stand.

Lindsay Pearce as Harmony on Glee
Lindsay Pearce as Harmony on Glee. / (c) Disney +

Among the main cast on the show, Lindsay mostly worked with Leah and Chris Colver. In a new interview published on Monday, the stage vet said from the inside About her experience back in the day, three years before Samantha Weir’s ordeal.

“He was really nice” and “excited” to work with her, remembers Chris, asking all about the competition, if she won. Leah, on the other hand… it made her “nervous”. Maybe that’s to say the least? Remember the actress:

“I remember when Leah came over, and I was like, ‘Don’t talk to her. Don’t even look in her direction. Leave her alone.’” Because she’s the star of the show.”

True, because she was the star. And not because it was scary. Ha! The difference between how she knew to interact with Culver and Michelle Chiienda says it all, right?

Perhaps getting away from Leah would have been a good idea for Lindsay in particular. She’s probably cast as Rachel Berry because she’s IRL’s Lea Michele. In fact, she went on to get some roles for Lea too, including the role of I’m on my way The singer has always wanted: Play the main role of the witch Elphaba in Broadway Produce evil! And as we know, being in the Broadway role that Leah wants isn’t the safest position professionally! just ask Benny Feldstein, truly? Ha!

Lindsay went to star in I mean girls Musical but not yet taken Leah – played the mediocre BFF Janis Sarkissian! So it sucks!

[Image via Disney+/FayesVision/WENN.]

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