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This is how Mariah Carey is celebrating Christmas this year

If we talk about iconic voices, we have to talk about Mariah Carey, especially at this time of year. Maybe that’s why Moët & Chandon invited her to a surprise performance of hers at her Christmas celebration on Monday night.

The champagne giant hosted a party at Lincoln Center to introduce his new sculpture “Your Voices” by British artist Es Devlin in the center of the square. The swirling luminescent piece will be a site for New York-based choral performances within it, curated by Lincoln Center and representing a “range of the city’s rare and unique voices,” according to a press release. The brand also announced that its philanthropic initiative, “Toast for a Cause,” will partner with the Endangered Language Alliance to help preserve the many global languages ​​currently present in the melting pot that is New York City.

Given the theme of the evening, it was only fitting that the Grammy Award-winning artist and “Queen of Christmas” make an appearance. Dressed in a long black Jonathan Simkhai dress with a thigh-high slit revealing her matching black Louis Vuitton heels, Carey took the stage with her rendition of “Big Energy,” a remix featuring Latto and DJ Khaled (which showcases his 1995 hit). “Fancy”). She dazzled in her entire Bulgari jewelry ensemble, and after deftly dealing with a bit of a wardrobe issue, Carey finished strong with her beloved Christmas hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Of course.

Mariah Carey

Matteo Prandoni/
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When asked about her look for the evening, the music icon said that during the holidays she usually wears “a red or gold and silver dress, even white with gold and silver accents for a Christmassy moment,” but due to her number of opening remix, she opted for a classy outfit for any “fans in the audience.”

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“And the audience was bigger!” Carey tells of her performance from the green room, just after leaving the stage. “I lived for the audience and they stayed with me when, we don’t need to go into that, but we might as well because it’s going to be everywhere, that the dress ripped during the first song.”

Sure enough, when the singer stepped out to sing her part in “Big Energy,” the jeweled strap on her dress suddenly snapped. She demonstrates how she handled the harrowing episode, clenching her now-functional bodice.

“So I was holding the microphone and pushing it to the side, and at some point I had to say, ‘Guys, this broke,’” Carey explains. “I literally thought this part [of the dress] was going to tip over. And it’s no one’s fault. It’s just that we didn’t notice the piece of jewelry that was on the dress that actually broke while she was singing.”

Once her team knew what was going on, they brought her up on stage to help put everything back in place with some strategic safety pins. “You throw a safety pin in it, honey, and keep moving! That’s all you can do sometimes,” Carey says, unfazed.

Mariah Carey

Courtesy of Moet & Chandon
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On November 1, Carey publicly made the official move from Halloween to Christmas with a sneak peek on social media of her riding into one of her busiest months. As for how she spends the holidays at home, it seems Carey often works until the last minute, but she always makes sure to make it to Aspen.

“Because it’s the snowy Christmas I always wanted as a kid,” she says. “It was what it was, we’re over it, but it was a rough and difficult childhood, and I always want to hold on to that Christmas spirit and say, ‘No matter what, it’s going to be a great Christmas.’ Even if it didn’t turn out that way, it has now.”

Until the night of, Carey says she’s often busy thinking about outfits for her shows (sometimes she has a few in one night), her holiday food menus, and her set lists. But it’s the production of the actual Christmas celebration that she cares about more than “just about anything.”

“It’s great to be able to spend time with the fans at Christmas and then spend time with my friends, loved ones and my children,” he says.

When asked about the best gifts to give and receive this year, Carey did want to give a “shameless plug” and suggest her new Black Irish cream liqueur, which comes in three flavors.

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“I’m not even a sweet person, but if you put it in hot chocolate, you can put it in coffee…salted caramel is my favorite,” she says. “But I make eggnog at Christmas, just because it’s Christmas. I’m not like, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish I could have eggnog’ all year. No, there is no eggnog in July!”

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And that’s why this is the absolute best season for Mariah Carey. Eggnog, cream liqueur, and champagne – you can have it all.

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