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Thunderbolts: Each Member’s Most Heroic Act In The MCU

The MCUs Ray promises a new superteam filled with characters who have sided with the villains in the past. However, the film also gives these characters a chance to redefine themselves as heroes, as they have shown their capacity for good in the past.

For some of these characters, their heroic moments are hidden under a pile of nefarious deeds and terrible decisions. In other cases, characters have overcome their dark and often tragic pasts to prove that they are among the good guys. While there are some members of the Thunderbolts who are more heroic than others, they’ve also had their own heroic moments in the MCU.

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7 Valentina Allegra De Fontaine – Assembling a Team

By her nature, Valentina, also known as Val, is someone who stays in the shadows a lot. Although there were several MCU projects that Val could have appeared in, it seems that she will serve as the Nick Fury figure for the Thunderbolts and make up the team. The question is, what are her plans once she has this team in place?

There has been plenty of evidence that Val is up to no good, from forgiving John Walker for his brutal actions to sending Yelena to kill Clint Barton. So while his intentions behind him bringing the team together are probably evil, it might accidentally be the best thing he does. If the good in this team outweighs the bad, Val might have inadvertently put together a group of characters who can do some real good in the world,

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6 John Walker / US Agent – Arrest of the Flag-Smashers

John Walker was seen as a war hero before he was introduced in the MCU, though there are some hints that his time in the war was more complex than it seems. It becomes clear that Walker is not the clean hero that Steve Rogers was, no matter how much he wants to be him.

After brutally murdering an unarmed suspect, Walker’s dark side seems to take over. However, when he confronts the Flag-Smashers at the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, choose to arrest them without violence. While the show seems to suggest that it was Walker’s redemption, it’s too little to make up for his past crimes. However, it does show that he at least has an idea of ​​how a hero is supposed to act.

5 Ava Starr / Ghost – Trying to save her father

While some terrible things have happened to the villains of the MCU, Ava Starr certainly suffered more than most. When she was a child, her father was experimenting with the Quantum Realm when one of her projects went wrong.

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Although Ava and her mother tried to run away, young Ava decided to go back for her father because she knew he was scared and didn’t want him to be alone. After being caught up in the quantum blast, her Ava developed phasing abilities that also caused her to live in constant pain. Although it was the actions of a child, she showed that Ava had a big heart.

4 Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster – Joining the Other Widows

For much of the film, Taskmaster was seen as black widowThe main villain of . The skilled warrior engaged Natasha and the other heroes, almost killing them several times. However, Taskmaster changes from a no-nonsense villain to a tragic character when it is revealed that she is really Antonia Dreykov, who is being brainwashed by her sadistic father.

But once Antonia is cured of her brainwashing, she decides to join the rest of the freed Black Widows. Seeing that she was her enemy just now, it’s a very brave thing for Antonia to do. She also shows that she is ready to make her own life without her father’s control.

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3 Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian – Confronting Taskmaster

David Harbor stole the show as Alexei in black widow and fans were thrilled to learn that the actor would be returning to the MCU in Ray. But aside from being a hilarious character, Alexei is always up for a good fight, especially when it comes to protecting the girls from him.

As the pseudo-father of Natasha and Yelena, Alexei made many mistakes. But as everyone tries to escape the Red Room, Alexei decides to stay behind and fight Taskmaster to get the others to safety. He is mostly heroic, though a small part of him is likely just so he can get back into his Red Guardian outfit.

two Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier – Joining the Battle of Wakanda

Although Bucky Barnes has made many appearances in the MCU, some have been as the friendly Bucky, while others have been as the mind-controlled Winter Soldier. However, at the end of Captain America: Civil WarBucky seemed ready to settle down to a quieter life in his new Wakanda home.

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After fighting in World War II and then spending decades as a Hydra stooge, few people deserved to live in peace more than Bucky. However, when Thanos’ forces arrive on Earth, Bucky shows what kind of hero he is by not hesitating to join the fight once more.

1 Yelena Belova – Rescuing the Other Widows

Yelena was once an assassin who was brainwashed just like Antonia, only to be freed with a special formula. With her life back and no one else controlling her, Yelena immediately goes to work trying to free the other widows from the same fate.

Although Yelena can be a bit impulsive at times, this is an incredibly selfless act on her part. While she could have run away to start a new life, she chooses to stay behind and put herself in harm’s way as she helps her loved ones.

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