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TikTokers Are Exploiting Dumb AI To Generate Giant Anime Boobs

TikTok is packed with all kinds of filters that make the app a bit more chaotic. Often they will take off and inspire a massive trend. Right now, one of those trends is to use the AI ​​Manga filter to generate a self portrait, in anime style. But there’s a twist: Users hold mugs, cups, and sometimes even crumple pillows in front of their chests, to “trick” the AI ​​into generating a portrait with immense, powerful cleavage. And it’s working.

Not only is it possible, but it’s also very easy to do using round household objects, even with non-traditional breast-enhancing items like toilet paper rolls. The audio clip associated with the trend has been played over 8.3 million times on the app.

No wonder it’s so easy to fool the filter. If she’s been following the reports on art generated by artificial intelligence, she knows that she has a penchant for sexualizing women. That is, some of the apps that use AI models like Stable Diffusion (Lensa AI’s magical avatars, for example) have generated NSFW images and nudes for people who request fantastic avatars, even if they don’t want NSFW images of themselves.

Because popular AI art generators like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E have been trained on images from the Internet, these AI models often reflect the social biases found online. Ergo, this AI TikTok filter sexualizes women.

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The trend isn’t just limited to the neckline. Some users have added a bulge to their rump. And in my personal favorite interpretation of the trend, someone held a four-panel waffle over their exposed stomach, and the AI ​​generated a character with washboard abs.

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It’s just as fun to watch people try to trick the filter, only to get unwanted results.

After seeing tons of TikTokers pull it off, I even tried it myself. I held two baseball caps up to me, round ends on my chest. Behold, he generated a voluptuous valley of flesh. It was very easy and took only two attempts. My cups truly overflow.

Next up: an AI that can spawn fingers correctly.

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