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Toronto: Oscar Frontrunners Shine at Tribute Gala, ‘Nope’ Revived at IMAX and Venice-Winning Doc Comes to Town

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20220925 152947

This is the second installment in a series of Missions from the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival. You can read the first message here.

With news coming from Venice that a documentary has won the Film Festival’s first prize, the Golden Lion, for only the second time – All beauty and bloodshed (Neon), Oscar winner Laura Poitras‘ Looking at Nan GoldenThe crusade against the Sackler family culminated in a win on Saturday, Italian time – the Toronto Film Festival, where this movie will be shown in North America on Monday night, was just on its way.

Sunday evening, Harry Stiles mania – who hit the gun a few days ago with the premiere of a movie Olivia Wilde‘s do not worry my love (Warner Brothers), in which he plays the title role Florence Bogeand the interaction between him and Chris Pine who may or may not be involved in spitting – came to Canada, as another Styles movie of 2022, Michael Grundig‘s policeman (Amazon), world premiere here.

Not at all unexpectedly, a huge crowd surrounded the Princess of Wales theater, trying to catch a glimpse of the pop star/actor on his way to the venue. But somewhat unexpectedly, many critics and critics, including you really, walked away from the film – a story about a man (Stiles) married to a woman (Emma koren) but in love with another man )David Dawson) set in 1950s England — with pretty nice things to say about Styles’ performance, if not the movie itself (which is currently 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

The other big Toronto premiere on Sunday night – this one only premiere in North America, where the movie actually took possession of the gun – was Darren Aronofsky‘s Whale (A24), Samuel de HunterIt is adapted from his semi-autobiographical play, which starred in the heart of the 1990s Brendan Fraser As a 600-pound man, living under the care of a friend (Reducing‘s Hong Zhao), who is trying to mend his relationship with his estranged daughter (Weird things‘s Sadie Sink) Before it’s too late. The film rocked the Royal Alexandra Theater, garnered a standing ovation, and boosted the momentum for the Oscar campaign for Best Actor in a Cinderella from Fraser.

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Something to think about: Aronofsky previously did another movie that (a) about a man racing against the clock to make things right with his daughter which (b) also marked the return from a dead career for her star and (c) also came to Toronto via Venice: 2008 the gladiatorchampionship Mickey Rourke, who eventually won an Oscar for Best Actor. But there’s one major difference: Rourke never exudes the warmth, decency and modesty that Fraser does, both on screen and off – no amount of prosthetics can hide – which is why I think he can go further with the Academy.

After the first performances, Styles and Fraser set out for the historic Fairmont Royal York – the headquarters for the recent departures. Queen Elizabeth II When she was in Toronto – for the fourth annual TIFF Tribute Gala, a fund that funds TIFF’s diversity and inclusion efforts throughout the year, awarding a number of previously announced awards to outstanding filmmakers.

I had the pleasure of sitting at the A24 table, which attracted many visitors (including the president of the academy Janet Yang CEO Bill Kramer) and lookyloos because the two honorees of the evening, Fraser and Everything everywhere at once star Michelle Yeohwho happened to star in 2008 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Now the unanimous frontrunners for Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar, they were sitting right there next to each other.

Following welcoming remarks from the CEO of TIFF Cameron BaileyCelebrations began with the presentation of the TIFF award to Styles and him policeman costars, who were escorted by security to the room to accept their awards and then returned, likely to avoid the mob scene around Styles. Styles received a chuckle from the audience by kicking the long train of a rare-dressed Corinne on her way to the catwalk, then leading the group: “Hey. Thank you all so much here on behalf of all of us for this amazing award. We all loved working on this movie so much, hopefully You enjoy it. I’ll pass you on to Emma.”

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After handing over the Emerging Talent Award before Jason Reitman for the director Sally El Hosaini for swimmers (Netflix), Olivia Colmana star Sam Mendes‘ a new movie The Empire of Light (Scout) was introduced – to a crowd of applause – and presented side by side Roger Ebertwidow Chazz Ebertand the Ebert Director’s Award to Mendes. After receiving a standing ovation, Mendes noted that his career actually began in TIFF 23 years ago with the world premiere of his first film, American beautyand sharing the important lessons he’s learned over the years since.

Stephanie HsuThe The wonderful Mrs. Maisel The actress who also plays Yeoh’s daughter Everything everywhere at oncethen brought the 60-year-old to tears while presenting her TIFF Share Her Journey Groundbreaker Award — their film, Hsu cracked, “shows us a version of Michelle Yeoh we haven’t seen, but we were all desperate to see: Every single copy Michelle Yeoh! Unlike other TIFF Tribute honorees, Yeoh doesn’t even have a movie showing in Toronto, but this one, like last week’s Telluride Film Festival, still wants it on hand because, well, Everyone Happy for the veteran actress and acclaim for her career-defining performance. “With this award, I think I am officially Yeoh said in glee. “Now that the ground has been broken, it is up to the next generation of women to build a foundation for something bigger.”

Then, Sarah Polly He presented her with the Artisan Award woman talking composer Hildur Gudnadottir (The joker The Oscar winner also scored – and his name has been verified – another contender for 2022, storehouse); Academy Award-winning Canadian-American singer/songwriter/composer Buffy St. Mary’s with Jeff Scholl Award in Influential Media; Then it was Fraser’s turn in the spotlight.

Introductory notes from Aronofksy and Hunter, as well as an impressive reel of highlights from across Fraser’s career, clearly influenced the 53-year-old, who then won fans by sharing with them that he spent his teenage years in Toronto (he’s name-checked in several parts of the city), and voluntarily said he had far more experience giving awards than receiving them (describing an exemplary delivery, and noting that the only previous award he had received for individual achievement came when he was in the fourth class, bowling cup whose name he misspelled) and gratitude to Aronofsky and Hunter (“Art is about taking risks, and you should know they took advantage of me, and I’ll be forever grateful”).

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Monday was highlighted at TIFF with a special no (Universal), a movie that’s already rolled into theaters, but is here augmented with an IMAX show preceded by a Q&A with writer/director Jordan Bell. Me and other members of the press who couldn’t make it to the world premiere on Saturday night ryan johnson‘s Glass onions: Unlocking the mystery of the knives (Netflix), which surrounds Daniel CraigBenoit Blanc from 2019 Take out the knives With a fresh cast of colorful characters, it managed to capture the attention of the comedic audience at its press/industrial show, which was held at the Royal Alexandra Theater to accommodate the huge interest in the film. I’m not sure about that glass onion He’ll be a serious contender for the Oscars outside of the modified screenplay category, but I’m sure he’ll hit huge numbers once it goes live on December 23.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to cover the Emmys – from Toronto!

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