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Tracee Ellis Ross Opens Up About All The ‘HOT Black Men’ She Saw While Traveling: ‘I Love A Black Man’

Tracee Ellis Ross he’s introducing the kind of men who will make her turn her neck for a second (or third) look. The award-winning actress took to her personal Instagram with a little story of the nice sights of her while she was traveling recently.

She did not reveal any details about her previous or final destination. But the sister was ready to spill the tea mask and extended extra on chili!

“Listen, I’m on the plane. I love a black man. There are some attractive black men on this plane,” Tracee said.

Tracee Ellis Ross likes what she sees in black men who travel and work

But the black men on the plane weren’t the only ones who caught her eye. In the video, Tracee moved the footage to her plane’s window to show black men standing on the tarmac.

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“And then I looked out the window and there were more hot men out there. You can see them? I keep knocking on the window, to see if they greet me, “said the actress. “Look at these black men, get out of here!”

In the clip, he made sure his actions matched his words, comically tapping on the plane window as he made his point. But Tracee not only indulged in eye candy, she put one of the handsome men to work!

“And then there’s one across the aisle and I asked one to help me put my bag down,” Tracee said. “Hmm, too soon for this!”

He shared the full clip on his Instagram story and followed the video with a photo of the men on the track. Trace wrote, “body language of attractive men, just saying…”

Tracee opens up about her relationship preference

Last month, Tracee shared a snippet from her appearance on Kevin Hart’s From heart to heart Series in August. In the clip, the actress talked about her expectations of a romantic relationship.

“I would love to be in a relationship that makes my life better than it is,” he said. “I have no interest in being in a relationship just to be in a relationship.”

the Blackish star admitted that she may have “a wheel of lovers,” but she takes what she likes and leaves the rest! In her words, she is thank you and goodbye, for now!

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