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‘Trying to Find Out How to Move’: Love Island USA couple Chad and Phoebe talk about the state of their relationship

After getting rid of Love Island, USA Season 4, Chad and Phoebe try to figure out their next step outside the villa.

In a conversation with, the couple brought out the status of their relationship Love Island, USA Exit. Phoebe said,

“We’re trying to figure out how to navigate the outside world through our relationship. We’re looking to let that be real for us. And I mean, he’s an amazing guy, so if one day I end up being exclusive with him, I’m the lucky one.”

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“But, as we were in the villa, we are intent on continuing our relationship, how we really deal with the outside world because that’s how we dealt with the villa.”

Chad and Phoebe Love Island, USA The flight was intercepted by many others

Fans have always questioned Phoebe’s intentions to find love Love Island, USA Because of its tendency to move from one partner to another quickly.

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Isaiah returns to Sydney, despite Phoebe trying to prove that she is better than Sydney. Then, Phoebe immediately pulled Chase Bryant into a conversation, even knowing he’s been paired up with her best friend in the villa, Bella Barbaro.

Around the same time, Phoebe began to show interest in newbies Joel Berwirt and Chazz. But in the end, I reached out to Chad.

Chad, at that point, was paired with Mackenzie Dipman. Although aware of this connection, Phoebe developed a strong relationship with him and made contact with him during the 80’s party at the villa.

Later, Phoebe and Chad are announced as the new villa couple. They even made it to the final five to compete for the cash prize but were soon disqualified from Love Island, USA Just before the end, relieving fans.

The couple had no complaints about the exclusion, as they never thought they would make it to the end. While speaking to, Phoebe stated that she had an “idea” that she would be eliminated. She said ,

“Time wasn’t on our side and time in the villa was too much. Honestly we didn’t think we should be in the final or in the fourth round, just because the way we communicate and the way we are.. I think with the finals. [there is] This love and fair celebration of time, effort, hurdles, hurdles, and weathering the storm.”

After getting off the reality dating show, Phoebe and Chad are now trying to “figure out how to navigate” their new relationship.

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The couple has already made plans to attend football matches and meet each other’s friends. They are in no hurry to mark their new relationship as “exclusive”. Chad said:

“We don’t necessarily look at it like, ‘Oh, we’re doing this for… for a crazy purpose.’” We’re just like, ‘We’re going to move our way to the villa.’ We’re going to finish, and if it keeps going, it’s going to be great, because that’s kind of the way it went.”

Timmy and Zeta have been declared the winner of Love Island, USA He received a cash prize of $100,000. And as fans expected, Zeta split the money with Timmy. While Jesse and Depp came in third, Sydney and Isaiah were declared fourth in season four.

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