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‘Tulsa King’ Garrett Hedlund: There’s a ‘kinship’ and ‘trust’ between Mitch and Sly Stallone’s mob boss (exclusive)

When by Sylvester Stallone Dwight “The General” Manfredi is exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma and forced to start over, he starts building his own team from scratch. He crosses paths with Mitch and Tyson, played by Garret Hedlund Y jay willwho quickly become his first allies. hollywoodlife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Garrett and Jay about how far their characters will go for Dwight as he gains new enemies.

jay will
Jay Will as Tyson (Paramount+)

“I think for Tyson it reveals itself every day. From the beginning, when you meet him at the airport and it’s like this very green relationship of completing each other, what are your limits? From there, it unfolds and stacks like a Tetris board,” Jay explained. “He has the puzzles about him, but I think what happens is that Tyson doesn’t know exactly where this is going to take him. He thinks he knows the danger, he knows the cost, he knows the price, but I think he’s willing to pay whatever he has.”

When Mitch and Dwight meet, they realize that they have both spent time behind bars. “There is a kinship and a trust, a kind of potential brotherhood, that starts from the beginning just because of what they share within that, like behind bars. I think I’ll get into that position of reliability within what his aspirations are on the Tulsa grounds very soon,” Garrett said.

Tyson is the first person Dwight meets in Tulsa, and Tyson quickly becomes Dwight’s driver and right-hand man. When it comes to trust, Jay noted that Tyson doesn’t hesitate to follow Dwight. “There are two approaches to trust. You can fully trust someone until he breaks it or you can make someone earn that trust. I think Tyson just completely opens up that trust,” Jay said. hollywoodlife.

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Garret Hedlund
Sylvester Stallone and Garrett Hedlund in ‘Tulsa King’. (Paramount+)

For him strong country fans, there’s no denying that Garrett has musical talent. hollywoodlife asked whether or not Mitch will come out from behind the bar and perform at some point during the first season of King of Tulsa. “You might have to keep looking,” Garrett joked.

King of Tulsa premieres November 13 on Paramount+. Paramount Network will also present a special linear broadcast of King of Tulsa first two episodes on November 20 immediately after a new episode of yellow stone.

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