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Turkey’s courts will correct any mistakes after Imamoglu’s imprisonment: Erdogan

Opposition opponent Ekrem Imamoglu was sentenced to two years and seven months in prison for insulting public officials.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the courts will correct any errors in an appeal process after a court sentenced the Istanbul mayor to more than two and a half years in prison on charges of insulting members of the Supreme Electoral Council.

Erdogan made his first direct comments after the court on Wednesday sentenced Ekrem Imamoglu, a key opposition politician and potential Erdogan challenger, to two years and seven months in prison and placed a political ban on him.

Imamoglu was prosecuted for insulting public officials in 2019 when he criticized the decision to cancel the first round of municipal elections that he won and became mayor of Istanbul. His victory was seen as a blow to Erdogan and his AK party.

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“There is still no final decision from the court. The case will go to the Court of Appeals and the Court of Cassation,” Erdogan said. “If the courts have made a mistake, it will be corrected. They’re trying to get us into this game.”

Erdogan also said he did not care who the opposition candidate was in next year’s elections.

On Friday, thousands of people in Istanbul gathered to protest against the political ban and conviction, voicing criticism of Turkey’s government ahead of next year’s elections that will spell a big test for Erdogan’s 20-year rule.

“There have been many court rulings that we have strongly criticized, but that does not give anyone the right to insult judges or ignore court rulings,” Erdogan told a rally in Mardin, southeastern Turkey.

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Imamoglu himself called the sentence “political and illegal”.

Imamoglu was tried for libel for a speech after the Istanbul mayoral election in June 2019 in which he said those who annulled an initial vote held three months earlier were “fools”. The AK Party refused to recognize Imamoglu’s initial victory.

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Critics say Turkey’s judiciary has bowed to Erdogan’s willingness to punish his critics. The government says they are independent.

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