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Two surprising NBA superstars play the most

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets looks on during a second half break in their NBA game against the Toronto Raptors at Scotiabank Arena on November 23, 2022 in Toronto, Canada.
(Photo by Cole Burston/Getty Images)

Everyone knows that professional basketball in the NBA is a game for young people.

Yes, there are those like LeBron James who somehow turn back time again and again, but many of the most powerful and successful guys in the league are on the right side of their 30s.

Surprisingly, the two top-performing athletes in the league right now have been doing it for years.

At 34 years old, Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets has played the most so far this season, with 922 minutes.

Also, Kyle Lowry of the Miami Heat has added 907 minutes at age 36.

It’s important to remember that these numbers were compiled before Durant’s game against the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, so add an extra 36 minutes to it.

The bottom line is that these two guys are playing much – Is this the correct choice?

Lowry and Durant draining the clock

The fact that both Durant and Lowry are getting the most minutes in the league is surprising and not shocking at all.

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It’s surprising because they’re both in their late 30s, but it’s not surprising because they’re two highly-skilled artists.

This season, Durant has averaged 29.8 points, 6.7 rebounds and 5.5 assists on shooting 55.5% from the field.

Lowry’s production has been 14.4 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists with 39.6% from the field.

Durant is trying to steer his team in the right direction and make them really competitive, while Lowry is trying to redeem himself after his first season in Miami was considered disappointing.

But should these two guys have more free time?

If they hope to make the playoffs, the Nets and Heat will need all hands on deck, especially the hands of Durant and Lowry.

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