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Video: A schoolboy’s miraculous escape after falling from a crowded bus in Tamil Nadu

Video: A schoolboy's miraculous escape after falling from a crowded bus in Tamil Nadu

On Twitter, the video has garnered more than 488,000 views.

A video has gone viral online showing a schoolboy losing his grip and falling from a crowded bus. according to Twitter shareThe horrific accident occurred in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu state.

The short clip, originally posted by Twitter user A Senthil Kumar, showed a bus tilting left due to the weight of passengers hanging from its door. Moments later, a boy in a school uniform appeared sliding down the road.

He was seen rolling just inches away from the vehicle’s rear wheels and onto oncoming traffic.

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Watch the video below:

After he fell to the ground, the boy was seen trying to get back on his feet. It looked healthy but it looked shaky.

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Since his sharing, the video has appeared on several social media platforms. On Twitter, it has garnered over 488,000 views.

In response to the clip, one user wrote: “Oh my God.. this brought up horrible memories from our school days. Scary to see such things continue even after 3-4 decades!!” Another said, “He’s lucky he didn’t fall under the wheels.”

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And third, he added: “Safe driving means that children should get on the bus and not ride the steps of the bus hanging with one hand and carrying a lot of weight.” Fourth, he commented, “If we can’t provide our children with a safe trip to school, what progress have we gotten?”

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Meanwhile, in another similar incident, a motorized rickshaw driver in Uttar Pradesh was recently fined for dangerously transporting school children. A video clip showed a group of school children sitting on the roof of a motorized rickshaw.

The clip prompted a response from Bareilly Police. They said in a tweet in Hindi that “legal action” had been brought against the driver as per the rules.

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