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Video: A snake stuck in a woman’s ear and left the Internet stunned

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Video: A snake stuck in a woman's ear and left the Internet stunned

Viewers were connected to their screens through the exciting video.

A disturbing video circulating online shows a yellow snake stuck firmly inside a woman’s ear and showing no signs of exiting.

A medical practitioner, wearing hand gloves, is shown using a clip to attempt to remove the snake from the patient’s ear, which is seen peeking out from the side of the ear. The location or time of the accident was not disclosed in the video.

The video also shows the doctor’s many attempts and use of each technique in a seemingly futile attempt to remove the snake from the patient’s ear.

The suspenseful video captivates viewers on social media, but ends without revealing whether or not the snake has been removed.

A Facebook user named Chandan Singh posted the video. “The snake got into the ear,” the caption read.

The video has garnered more than 87,000 views and nearly 100 likes. Users were shocked and frightened by the clip and posted several comments.

Some people asked the Facebook user who shared the clip to post the entire video, while others thought about how the snake managed to get into the ear.

Some users described it as a fake video, writing “100% error, posted for viewing only”.

The snake is one of the deadliest and most poisonous animals on the planet.

According to WHO research, snakebites cause between 81,000 and 138,000 deaths each year, plus nearly three times as many complications and other permanent disabilities.

In the past, humans were victims of many terrible snake strikes, but sometimes, situations occur that leave people in complete shock.

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Snakes lurking in buildings and indoor spaces are a familiar sight for people. However, this strange video, which had never been seen before, stunned users online.

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