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Video: American woman stuck upside down in gym, calls 911 from her smartwatch

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20220925 122628

Video: American woman stuck upside down in gym, calls 911 from her smartwatch

Kristen Folds was working out in the gym at 3 in the morning when she got stuck in one of her exercise equipment

An Ohio woman had to make an embarrassing 911 phone call after she got stuck in an exercise equipment. Kristen Folds was training on the inverted table at the 24-hour Powerhouse Gym in Berea where the accident occurred at around 3 a.m. An inverted table suspends the body upside down to help tighten the spine and relieve back pain. She was reportedly filming herself during the exercise. Moments later, Kristen’s workout went south after she got stuck in her exercise equipment.

according to independentMrs. Fuld’s ankles were so locked into the inverted table that she was unable to move from her position. She immediately called 911 to get help from her watch while setting up her phone to record a video of her. In the now viral video, Kristen can be heard calling a guy named Jason, who used to work at the same gym, but due to the loud music, Jason couldn’t hear him calling for help.

Check out the video here:

In the video, Ms. Fuld can be seen trying to lift herself but to no avail. After stopping for five to six minutes, the women decided to call 911 from her smartwatch. On the call, she said to the officer, “Hey, I couldn’t look up the emergency number. There’s only one other person in the gym and I’m stuck in this, you know the back thing that flips backwards?”

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She added, “I wish there were more people in the gym right now, but I’m stuck in this reverse stress relief thing. I don’t know, I can’t get anyone’s attention in the gym. I’m just stuck upside down and I can’t get I put myself on the right side.”

Moments later, an officer came to Christine’s aid and freed her from the machine. Fitness enthusiasts were not hurt during the ordeal.

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