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Video shows Blueface in bed with the mother of his children as Chrisean Rock posts sex acts with him

blue face is powering vixen videos with multiple cameos in the last 24 hours. People online have seen him exchanging saliva with a mystery woman, channeling christian rock and wallowing in the bed of the mother of his children, jaydin alexis.

Things started to unravel between on-and-off couple Blueface and Chrisean early on Sunday morning (Oct. 2). While she was on Instagram Live, Chrisean admitted to breaking everything in her hotel room after a fight with Blueface over cheating with other women. She even showed off a photo of the rapper’s newborn daughter with Jaidyn.

The mother-of-two apparently responded to Chrisean’s posts with a screenshot text that reads: “Happy birthday, honey, I love you, I will come to see you today.” However, it is unclear if the text was from Blueface.

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Video Shows Blueface Exchanging Saliva With Mystery Woman, Chrisean Ends Relationship

After Chrisean’s live broadcast, a video surfaced online of Blueface changing tongues, sharing a meal, and hanging out with a mystery woman.

Chrisean wasted no time making up his time. First, the rising rapper took to Twitter to declare her single status. You’ll remember that she previously tweeted that Blueface asked the girlfriend question of her on August 10. But it seems that the moment of the icy blonde mystery woman was the breaking point for her on Sunday.

“You all can have it. ChriseanRock is single,” she tweeted herself. “Chrisean, you are enough.”

Blueface Claims His Single Status, Mystery Woman Explains How She Pocketed Him

Blueface didn’t let Chrisean have the last tweet. Instead, he sparked conversations about his alleged ways of cheating.

“Never been single, always had a partner,” Blueface tweeted.

Chrisean Rock responded with a subliminal tweet that read: “You’re going to wish you only had this one.” He continued to share subliminals on his Twitter account, including words about “leveling up.”

Meanwhile, sometime on Sunday, the mystery woman gave details about what led her to her encounters with Blueface.

“I only DMed her once and she was like she was trying to be in Blue Girls Club and that was it,” she said on Instagram Live. “That’s how it happened. So.”

Chrisean Claims To Be Blueface’s ‘Best Friend N Bread Winner’, Posts Sex Acts With Him Online

The saga is leaked as of Monday (October 3), and Rock continues to talk about his relationship with Blueface. Rock went from breadwinner in one tweet to great partner in another, all while sticking to being single herself.

“Not that we are a couple, we are great partners when it comes to money,” Chrisean tweeted. “I am loyal to the people who are present for me. I conditionally love Blue. I’m just a great friend with a great pussy and I have a great plan with an***a dats all that matters #GodsPlan”

Chrisean Posts Sex Videos With Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis Reveals Blueface Is In Bed With Her

By Monday noon, Chrisean and Blueface were trending topics, mostly after Chrisean left. solofans on the Twitter timeline. The rapper posted a short clip of her riding Blueface’s shlong with the caption: “The luckiest man in the world.”

He later deleted the video, but social media users say he also shared sexual clips on his Instagram. rock too confirmed sexual acts they were recent.

Meanwhile, Jaidyn Alexis stirred the pot with her own little video. The mother of two posted a video on her Instagram story of herself with the man of the hour. She asks Blue Face, “Oh why are you okay or are you sleeping?” He lifts his head off Jaidyn’s pillow long enough to see that she is recording him.

“Are you good cousin? What’s happening? There’s a lot going on, you know that? Many things are happening. Finna beat your ass. Get your ass up, f**k,” Jaidyn said.

In a change of pace, Chrisean gave a limited response to Jaidyn’s messy revelation. Rather than rant, the rapper retweeted a comment about the situation.

And that’s it, I guess we’ll have to see what Tuesday brings!

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