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Violent Night Review: Wirkola’s Gory Christmas Flick Is Wildly Entertaining

There’s no better time than the end of the year, when families around the world come together to usher in holiday cheer through Christmas decorations, songs and movies. This season, Universal Pictures will be releasing a new kind of Christmas movie, in which David Harbor (best known for playing Hopper on the Netflix series) Strange things) as a barbaric variant of Santa Claus with a dirty mouth and desire to drink. Director Tommy Wirkola directs this commemorative mashup of die hard Y Home alone from the screenplay by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. A good balance between thriller and action comedy. violent night he sees Harbor loosening burglars with a sledgehammer. The film contains ferocious action sequences and gruesome body horror, and it’s a gory good time.


David Harbor’s Santa Claus is coming to the end of his love as Old Saint Nick. Feeling depressed by his faith in humanity and tired of having to fill the stockings of spoiled children, Mr. Claus reluctantly continues with his Christmas chores. When he visits the Lightstone residence, where Gertrude (Beverly D’Angelo) is receiving her daughter Alva (Edi Patterson), her son Jason (Alex Hassell) and her immediate family, he meets a violent surprise. A team of mercenaries, led by “Mr. Scrooge” (John Leguizamo) have broken into the Lightstone property in search of three hundred million dollars. Santa Claus seems to be the only one who can save them, along with a little help from the energetic and good girl Trudy (Leah Brady).

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violent night cast
Stephanie Sy, Beverly D’Angelo, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Can Aydin, Alexander Elliot, Alexis Louder, Rawleigh Clements-Willis and John Leguizamo in Violent Night

violent night It’s nothing like your average Christmas movie. Wirkola’s performance features violence and hostile family dynamics like audiences have never seen before. From film producers like No one Y john wickthe christmas movie contains intense action sequences with great camerawork and choreography to match. It’s the best of Christmas nonsense with just the right amount of cheesy one-liners, but it also packs the perfect amount of jaw-dropping carnage. It’s experimental at its core, but complements existing tropes within its genre while earning its R rating at every turn possible. Mixing these elements is no easy feat, but thanks to Casey and Miller’s thought-provoking script and Wirkola’s direction, this new holiday classic is non-stop fun.

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While it’s easy to recognize Wirkola’s latest as a tremendously entertaining and in-your-face showcase of storytelling influences from the likes of Home alone, the script goes beyond the bare minimum to embrace its core strengths. The film doesn’t shy away from getting sentimental, producing some truly touching scenes when certain characters aren’t shot or are brutally murdered by Mr. Claus himself. That being said, there are some pacing issues that become obvious when these moments start to intersect. Sometimes they extend their stay too long; during other sequences, they are interrupted as soon as they start. A balanced approach would have further strengthened the feature, but ultimately there is no real barrier that would interrupt the overall enjoyment.

violent night david port
David Harbor in Violent Night

While there have been several actors who have taken up the mantle of Santa Claus over the years, it’s David Harbor who puts on a layered performance to reveal a new side to the jolly Santa Claus. His acting is just wonderful. He integrates humanity into a figure whose motto is Christmas cheer and whose existence comes from Christmas magic. It’s evident throughout this performance that Harbor had a blast playing this vicious version of Santa Claus. His resounding effort at every corner exemplifies how to really have fun with a role. While his stage partners don’t often get a chance to match his energy, his performances never detract from the true star of the show.

Packed with obscene dialogue and bloody action sequences, violent night It’s crowd-pleasing and a great moment at the movies. This isn’t your average Christmas movie, but that’s exactly why this entertaining parable of a sledgehammer-wielding Santa will catch viewers by surprise. The film doesn’t always hit its mark when it comes to proper pacing, but there are plenty of high points to overcome even fewer low points in this deliciously gory time. As the icing on the cake, David Harbor delivers a layered, emotional performance between squirming-inducing deaths, leading to a theatrical experience that’s vivacious and worth every second on the big screen.

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violent night opens in theaters on Friday, December 2. The movie is 112 minutes long and is rated R for strong gory violence, language throughout, and some sexual references.

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