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Was the 49ers best quarterback sitting on the bench all season?

Brock Purdy #13 of the San Francisco 49ers carries the ball against the Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field on December 15, 2022 in Seattle, Washington.
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

The quarterback situation for the San Francisco 49ers in 2022 has been very interesting.

While they started the season with Trey Lance, a season-ending injury put the ball in the hands of Jimmy Garoppolo.

However, another season-ending injury puts the ball in the hands of the 49ers’ rookie third-string quarterback.

With his two starts, he’s putting up solid numbers.

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But do his numbers make him the best quarterback on the 49ers this season?

NFL analyst feels Brock Purdy is the best quarterback for the 49ers

With his tweet on Friday, NFL analyst Don Kleiman believes that Brock Purdy is the best quarterback on the 49ers.

While he tweets how Purdy ranks number one in three statistics, the sample size is extremely low.

Comparing him to other quarterbacks who have played all season is a bit unfair.

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However, the rookie quarterback is doing all the right things for his team in critical situations.

While these numbers put him up against 41 other qualified quarterbacks, it’s still too early to jump on the Purdy bandwagon.

But with his solid play, he has given the 49ers their 22nd NFC West title in team history.

However, some of his accomplishments come from having a strong receiving core.

With George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey, he has a solid group of players around him.

They are making him shine, like they did with Garoppolo this season.

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So while Kleiman feels the best quarterback was ever on the bench, he still has a lot to prove in the NFL.

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