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We should get more nerdy about Marvel Snap

It’s been a little over two weeks since the release of marvel addon, and it’s safe to say that it has taken over the lives of Polygon staff. I start work every day only to find that the topic of discussion is a serious discussion about Leech, or Enchantress, or devil dinosaur. It’s great that it’s getting everyone I know interested in the more absurdly minor facets of comics lore.

There’s only one problem with this: none of them want to ask me about it!

They want to talk about the effectiveness of using Swarm in a discard deck.

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“I was once Fritz von Meyer, world expert on toxic poisons, beekeeper, and expatriate Nazi!”  Swarm says as he begins to recount his origin story in The Champions #15 (1977).

Image: Bill Mantlo, John Byrne/Marvel Comics

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They don’t want to talk about being a Nazi made of bees.

They want to talk about the best cards to take advantage of Bar Sinister’s multiplicative abilities.

Mister Sinister expresses his desire for a cape and then orders the execution of an advisor, who is also a Mister Sinister clone, for not advising him to wear a cape, in Powers of X #4, Marvel Comics (2019).

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Image: Jonathan Hickman, R.B. Silva/Marvel Comics

They No I want to talk about how Bar Sinister is a castle of nobles who were all genetic duplicates of Mister Sinister in different glam rock outfits.

They want to talk about the best Devil Dinosaur decks.

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“Thunderhorn has reached the valley!  Throw him out, Devi!!”  yells the hominid Moon Boy, as he straddles Devil Dinosaur in Devil Dinosaur #1 (1978).

Image: Jack Kirby/Marvel Comics

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They don’t want to know how Jack “The King” Kirby created Devil Dinosaur for a never-materialized animated series about a hominid boy and his dinosaur friend, how he and Captain America once became gladiator friends, and that he’s got a new series. animated that comes out in February.

Every day I sit and wait for someone to say, “Hey Susana, who’s Blue Marvel?” so that I can tell you exactly who is blue marvel and why spank the ass. Somebody say, “Who the hell is Ka-Zar and why is he just Tarzan?” “What’s the difference between Monster Island and Monster Metropolis?” “Why does it look like Onslaught is wearing Magneto’s helmet?”

But nobody does. I’m being blocked by a trading card game, and I haven’t drawn an evil dinosaur yet!

Seriously, my biggest real problem with marvel addon is that the cards do not have art credits. But my second biggest real problem is convincing my co-workers that they can ask me about comics anytime, anywhere, and it won’t bother me.

Unless they’re asking about Adam Warlock. I have my limits

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