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Wednesday Poster Reveals Addams Family Spinoff Release Date

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20220925 214356

A new poster arrives from Wednesday revealing that Tim Burton’s Addams Family spin-off show is coming to Netflix later than some audiences were expecting.

The official Wednesday The poster finally reveals the premiere date for the series, and it’s not when audiences would expect. from netflix addams family The spin-off hails from master of the bizarre, Tim Burton, and places a teenage Wednesday Addams inside the quirky Nevermore Academy for outcasts. Jenna Ortega’s main character must navigate new relationships, a jaw-dropping murder mystery, and her budding psychic abilities in this coming-of-age story set in addams family science.


To date, Netflix’s marketing efforts to Wednesday have successfully generated interest in Burton’s new project. The initial reveal of the new Addams Family featured Luis Guzmán as Gómez, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia, and Isaac Ordóñez as Pugsley. the eventual Wednesday The trailer largely dispelled naysayers’ doubts regarding Ortega’s casting, portraying the character similarly to the iconic ’90s version of Christina Ricci. Ortega’s Wednesday even offered advice to Emmy nominees in a cheeky fourth-wall-breaking promo for the series. Despite creative marketing in recent months, Netflix hasn’t provided a release date — until now.

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Little more than a month after presenting the first trailer, Netflix has published the official Wednesday poster. Key art from Burton’s series reveals that the addams family The spin-off show will hit the streaming platform on November 23, just one day before Thanksgiving. Check out the Gothic-style poster below:

Wednesday Avoids Netflix’s Packed October Release Schedule

The most important realization of the new Netflix Wednesday The poster is that the show will be released just before a major national holiday, but not the ones that fans can expect. The spooky atmosphere and horror elements of the show align most closely with Halloween, but Wednesday it comes out almost a whole month later. While Ortega’s Wednesday has a ghoulish aura perfect for the spookiest month of the year, as evidenced by his dark appearance on the poster, Netflix has other ideas regarding the series premiere. The platform’s October release schedule is already packed with horror projects like the midnight club, cabinet of curiositiesY wendell and wildwhich could have affected his ability to place Wednesday in a more logical release window.

Another challenge lies in the Netflix original movie, The school of good and evilthat resembles Wednesday in terms of aesthetics and plot, they both revolve around a teenage protagonist who joins an academy for unconventional students. Ultimately, the movie’s release might not have a legitimate influence on Wednesday Thanksgiving premiere date, but the parallels are undeniable. A more likely conclusion is that positioning Wednesday as its core release over the extended Thanksgiving weekend allows subscribers to spend their time on the intriguing spin-off without being overwhelmed by Netflix’s many other spooky options. Time will tell if the streamer’s strategy pays off or if fans of the genre lose interest due to missed opportunity when Wednesday Premiere on November 23.

Font: Netflix/Twitter

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