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Friday, September 30, 2022

Week 1’s Most and Least Valuable Players

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Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley
Image: Getty Images

Saquon Barkley The NFL had never won a season opener before Sunday. If it weren’t for his 24 touches and 194 yards from scrimmage, Barkley would be starting an NFL season in an 0-1 hole for the fifth time in his career. Instead, Barkley’s high-usage day kept the New York Giants safe in a 21-22 win over the Tennessee Titans. He got Daniel Jones who accounted for 188 passing yards, ran for 25, but lost 32 yards on five sacks. Nevertheless, it was a tough two-yard run courtesy of Daniel Jones’ shovel pass that got him over the top. Week 1 Most Valuable Player Classification

Derrick Henry was the running back expected to wear down opposing run defenses and not Barkley, who has been largely out of sight since his rookie season in 2018. Contract didn’t have to do much other than piggyback ride Barkley, who caught passes, shredded the Titans’ front seven, burst into the end zone, and scored the game-winning 2-point conversion. Only three running backs in NFL history have had a single game with 160 rushing yards, 30 receiving touchdowns, a touchdown, and a 2-point conversion.

In Week 1, Barkley led the entire league in yards from scrimmage. If the Giants are going to make any waves in the NFC East, Barkley is going to have to rumble like this every weekend. When the Giants selected Barkley with the second pick in the 2018 draft, they dreamed of days like this being commonplace. It’s an unfair request that he’s still playing on his rookie contract, but it’s a need for a squad that’s made its offense so bad that it has a first-round pick at wide receiver in 2020, Kadrius Toney. Despite not playing just seven snaps. Listed on the injury report and their premier wideout, Kenny Golde, was hit just twice, an improvement over 2021 when he was a disappointment. In Week 2, they’ll host the Panthers who were paced by Nick Chuba and Kareem Hunt for 217 yards at 5.6 yards per touch.

Week 1 featured other notable offensive skill position players who gave us a slow start. The reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams and rusty Matthew Stafford were among that group of struggling stars. The defense responsible for holding them in the NFL’s kickoff game was responsible for most of their offensive woes.

Stafford must have felt like he was caught in a landslide on Thursday Night Football as he was rushed out of his comfort zone, picked off three times, and sacked on seven dropbacks. The Bulls’ defense left him dribbling the football Thursday night. By Miller led the charge. Miller played just 35 snaps, just over half of Buffalo’s total defensive snap count, and sacked Stafford twice, forced him four times, and earned Pro Football Focus’ highest rating among Bulls defenders. . He only won one Super Bowl to do it against a team that made his debut even sweeter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back. Leonard Fournette It was just as important in a low-scoring affair against the Dallas Cowboys.

There have been questions all offseason about how much Tom Brady can contribute to this offense at age 45. Among those questions was the hamstring injury suffered in Week 1 by receiver Chris Godwin, who is also recovering from a torn ACL. The offensive line lost Ali Marpet to retirement, Tristan Wirfus missed most of training camp with a strained oblique, Ryan Jensen is on IR, and left tackle Donovan Smith injured his elbow in the first half. done. In 2021, Brady led the entire league in yards, attempts, completions, and touchdowns, so protecting him behind a makeshift offensive line is their primary goal.

Where Bruce Arians’ preference would have been to throw it, Todd Bowles’ solution was to put the ball in Leonard Fournette’s hands. Last season’s disproportionate run-pass play distribution left them 26th in rushing yards and 31st in attempts. Fournette was the cornerstone of Tampa Bay’s more balanced offense.

In Week 1, he ranked eighth in the league in attempts and yards. Fournette gobbled up 137 yards and, for good measure, flattened a sparkling Micah Parsons. Serving as Tom Brady’s protection detail is an equally important duty for running backs. Fournette’s Chip block on Parsons Brady gave Julio Jones enough time in the pocket to complete a 48-yard completion.

Fournette revived his career in Tampa Bay as “Playoff Lenny” during the team’s 2020 Super Bowl run. A touchdown gallop on 4th and 1 Almost completed a spectacular comeback in the final minute against the Rams. If Fournette continues to run like he did back at LSU, the Rams’ foes are in for a long day.

Most Valuable Player — The player whose impact was most detrimental to his team.

If we were basing this decision on one half of a football, Joe Bro would have run off with a stick and thrown it across the finish line. Alas, he took himself off the mat in the fourth quarter against Cincinnati.

however, Trey Lance It was even more disappointing to watch. Both Fields and Lance were contenders, especially after Lance was played By Eddie Jackson on late intervention. The rain and field conditions at Soldier Field were more of a tough mud race than a professional football game. Here’s how bad it was in the early days.

The rain accounts for why Lance was 28 for 13 in his first over while Justin Fields rose to the occasion, but Mother Nature gets a break this week.

Most Valuable Player for Week 1 have to go Derek Carr For his dismal performance against the Chargers. With all the expectations piled on its shoulders, Las Vegas owed more than they got.That mother freaker

Carr seemed a little overreacteder playing pitch and catching daVante Adams, again, hit it 17 times at the expense of Darren Waller (6) and Hunter Renfrew (6). The last time Adams and Carr were in the same uniform, they connected on 24 touchdowns during the 2013 season at Fresno State. Carr’s arm is pushing downfield.Vante Adams ran out of gas en route to what should have been a fourth-quarter touchdown throw and was picked off by Asante Samuel Jr.

In all, Carr threw three interceptions, two fumbles, sacked former teammate Khalil Mack three times, and had a bronze statuette in his pocket when he fell. In a 24-19 loss, just one less mistake could have turned the outcome in the Chargers’ favor.

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