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Werewolf By Night Transformation Did Not Use CGI

Werewolf By Night director Michael Giacchino says the titular werewolf’s transformation was filmed without CGI in the Marvel Halloween special.

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The werewolf transformation sequence in Marvel’s Halloween special werewolf at night did not use CGI, according to director Michael Giacchino. Marvel’s first Halloween special, the hour-long film will mark the feature directorial debut of MCU composer Giacchino. After the first trailer werewolf at nightDuring the D23 Expo kickoff, fan anticipation has only increased due to the promise of seeing Marvel Comics character Jack Russell, who previously appeared in comics alongside the likes of Moon Knight and Ghost Rider, make his Marvel Cinematic debut. Universe. Marvel has since confirmed the appearance of the classic swamp monster Man-Thing in the special.


werewolf at night It will star Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell (the night werewolf) and Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone, a monster hunter. The film centers on a group of monster hunters who come together after the death of their leader, Ulysses Bloodstone, and agree to decide on his replacement through a competition to find a sinister artifact. Drastically different from other Marvel projects in terms of the introduction of monsters, as well as the black and white style, werewolf at night It has already set itself apart from the MCU in many ways, and Giacchino recently pointed out another.

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In an interview with For the Phase Zero podcast, Giacchino discussed Jack’s transformation in the special, referencing inspiration from classic werewolf transformations in horror films and citing a desire to avoid imitating what had already been done. Instead, the director discussed the decision to take a different route and focus on Elsa’s reaction to the werewolf transformation, while showing the actual monster taking shape in shadow and silhouette, to amplify the horror due to the inherent fear present in the werewolf. the invisible. In a departure from much of the current MCU fare, the director says the shot was achieved “in camera” rather than by using CGI. See what he had to say below:

“That shot is not a VFX. It was all done in-camera and it took months to design and figure out how we were going to do it, but Joe Farrell, our VFX supervisor, was amazing in helping put it together.” But that’s almost exactly how I storyboarded at the time, exactly like that… so where we were able to do in-camera practical effects, we did, and I’d say there [are] a bunch of them there, you’d just never know.”

What Werewolf By Night’s Practical Effects Mean For Future MCU CGI

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Although the MCU has used a combination of practical effects and CGI since it began in 2008 Iron Man, the franchise has recently been criticized for its use of CGI, which many fans have considered excessive. With the technology available to modern filmmakers, the creators of the MCU have been able to produce award-winning visual effects, bringing an impressive level of immersion into the fantastical worlds of Marvel’s heroes. However, the CGI sometimes doesn’t land, and viewers have expressed a desire to return to the more realistic feel lent to a project that incorporates more practical effects than CGI. Marvel Disney+ shows, in particular, I have seen audience complaints due to the time and budget constraints placed on the TV series leading to the ambitious VFX work coming under scrutiny. With the increased use of practical effects described by Giacchino in werewolf at night, perhaps fans will renew their requests for more practical effects in the next phase of the franchise.

Despite the public’s renewed interest in the practical effects, Giacchino’s comments indicate that the practical effects of the transformation sequence took place. “months” to carry out, so the MCU is unlikely to make a significant change to its current effects work based on its strict schedule. However, Marvel’s recently expanded franchise thanks to the Disney+ era allows for smaller scale isolated projects like werewolf at night immerse yourself in experimentation and new visual styles. Based on early reviews of werewolf at night In addition to the director’s commitment to practical effects, the Halloween special will be a smash hit when it opens on October 7.


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