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What gender is Joni The Red in Fortnite? Explained

Fortnite just announced their latest Crew Pack skin. For members who subscribe, they receive a monthly skin, V-Bucks, and access to the battle pass for the subscription fee. There have been skins for Green Arrow, Loki, and many others with this subscription.

This month’s skin is Joni the Red. This skin was just announced, but players are wondering what the Joni the Red Fortnite genre really is. Epic Games published an official blog post about their latest skin.

One Twitter user noted a distinct lack of gender pronouns in the statement.

To them, this indicates that Joni the Red uses they/them pronouns. Another Twitter user confirmed that multiple sources, official sources from Epic and elsewhere, have used they, he, and she as pronouns to describe Joni.

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Joni is gender fluid and the fact that the pronouns they, he and she have been used for all of them by official Fortnite sources (even if they are in multiple languages) confirms this.

This would indicate that the latest Joni the Red Fortnite genre is gender fluid. This is a drastic change from previous methods Epic have used. They have a non-binary skin on Toni, who has they/them pronouns.

Also, they recently introduced a new DC skin in Dreamer. Dreamer is a transgender character. Other than those two though, this community is pretty much underrepresented in Fortnite.

Epic has always been friendly to the community, hosting events like Rainbow Royale and whatnot throughout the year, but this time it looks like they’re finally starting to get fair in representation.

However, based on the latest Crew Pack skin, it looks like Epic Games is moving towards more diversity in their skins.

What comes with Joni the Red in Fortnite?

The official Joni the Red blog says:

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Vampires beware. Part of the vampire-hunting “High Stakes Club,” Joni the Red strikes in the December 2022 Crew Pack, launching to all active Fortnite Crew subscribers at approximately 7pm ET on the 30th. November 2022″.

With the skin, subscribers will also receive the Hunter’s Holdall back bling, Scarlet Oath pickaxe, and On A Hunt loading screen.

This will also be a very busy month for Crew Pack subscribers.

Joni the Red's loading screen (Image via Epic Games)
Joni the Red’s loading screen (Image via Epic Games)

Most of the time, the skin and its cosmetics are released and that’s it. However, Epic claims that more are coming very soon:

“To further raise the stakes, owners of the December Crew Pack will receive additional rewards throughout December, including a new look for Joni the Red. And speaking of the future, you may soon see another member of The High Stakes Club. I like it a lot soon.”

Additionally, Crew Pack subscribers will unlock a stage of a new customizable pickaxe each month they are active. Many Fortnite players try to subscribe, get the skin, and then unsubscribe.

This is Epic’s way of making sure they stick around. There are six stages in Photonic Legacy Set.

The Photonic Striker Pickaxe is available and will have five alternate styles unlocked in various stages.

As always, the Crew Pack comes with the battle pass (which is fitting since the next season is right around the corner) and 1,000 V-Bucks each month. It’s a tremendous deal.

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Edited by Zachary Roberts

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