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What Mass Effect 4 Can Learn From The Trilogy’s Best DLC

One DLC stands out in the Mass Effect series, and Bioware should learn from the reasons for its popularity when developing Mass Effect 4.

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mass effect 4 it seems likely that he will continue Commander Shepard’s journey, but even if he doesn’t, he may learn from the good reception Citadel downloadable content for mass effect 3. trailers of the next mass effect have shown the return of familiar faces, like Liara, and raises questions about the fate of other characters from the original trilogy. As Bioware looks into the future of the series, and possibly a new trilogy, it must consider aspects of Citadel that made it the best DLC in the series.


[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mass Effect.]

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mass effect 3 Citadel DLC has a mix of serious and lighthearted moments that can make it a memorable ride in the middle of a depressing situation with the Reapers attacking the Milky Way. By continuing after mass effect 3, mass effect 4 it will need a canonical ending from the multiple choices players had at the end of Shepard’s battle with the Reapers. Despite the mixed reception that mass effect 3 received from players, both the main game and its DLC can pave the way for mass effect 4.

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Mass Effect 4 needs more moments with crew members

Image of Commander Shepard in her N7 armor.  She is depicted waiting in the Citadel elevator with her squadmates Tali and Garrus.

Mass Effect 3 Citadel The DLC allowed players free time to go ashore, and they were able to spend time with crew members individually after fixing an issue with a clone of Shepard. The threat that not everyone will make it through the final setback against the Reapers looms large throughout the DLC, but it may be a good example of the game’s journey being more important than its ending. spending time with mass effects The Normandy team made some memorable DLC, and mass effect 4 it should give players more time with crew members as a result.

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Shore Leave gives Mass Effect players a break from priority missions

Shepard and Tali in Mass Effect 2 lying on a bed holding each other

It can be depressing when a game is full of quests that have players fighting through thick and thin, and content like that in the Citadel The DLC not only allows players a break, but gives developers the opportunity to build more worlds. For some players, the crew is the highlight of mass effect regardless if you have returning characters or a new set. Shore leave missions could be optional in mass effect 4 and give players the opportunity to explore relationships with NPCs and visit more areas of cities like the Citadel.

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There are many questions from the trailers that will need answers, such as how the geth survived in mass effect 4 and what happened to Commander Shepard. Bioware might be taking a chance by returning to the Milky Way without including a huge time jump, but it might be worth it depending on what it learned from player feedback with mass effect 3. the Citadel DLC won the hearts of many gamers, and Bioware may want to keep the best DLC in the trilogy in mind when creating mass effect 4.

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Source: Mass Effect/YouTube

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