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What Queen Miriel’s Numenor Vision REALLY Means For The Rings Of Power

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Warning: spoilers ahead the rings of power episode 4Míriel dreams a dream of dark days to come for Númenor in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power episode 4: this is what his vision means. Cynthia Addai-Robinson’s Míriel presides over the island kingdom of Númenor when the rings of powerThe condensed Second Age timeline begins, though only as Queen Regent while her father privately suffers. Episode 4 of Amazon’s Tolkien extravaganza (“The Great Wave”) begins with the queen regent Míriel dreaming of the destruction of her homeland: great waves rise to the shores, spill through the streets, and wash away all the signs of the Númenórean civilization.


Confessing to Galadriel later in the episode, Míriel explains that her father showed her a palantír vision upon becoming Queen Regent. The mystical ball foretold the last day of Númenor, where the raging seas will swallow the entire island. This image has haunted Míriel ever since, and it is this vision that she dreams of when the rings of power episode 4 begins

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Most of the prophetic visions in The Lord of the rings (indeed, the fantasy genre in general) are at least partially metaphorical. This is not the case with Míriel, whose dream points to a very specific moment in JRR Tolkien’s mythology. As the Second Age draws to a close, Númenor becomes increasingly divided between those loyal to the Valar and those angry with the Valar. Sauron takes advantage of this internal conflict to manipulate Númenor into launching a foolish invasion of Valinor, an insult that goes down as well as elven music at a Morian wedding. God himself intervenes, punishing his mortals by destroying the offending island, and Tolkien describes Númenor as being engulfed by a massive wave. There is no doubt: Míriel’s vision represents the future fall of his household orchestrated by Sauron and represented by the mighty Eru Ilúvatar.

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Why is The Rings Of Power setting up the fall of Numenor so soon?

from amazon the rings of power laying the groundwork for the fall of Númenor as early as episode 4 is a surprise given how much ground needs to be covered beforehand. Sauron still needs to return, build Mordor, forge the Rings of Power, wage war against the Elves, lose his war against the Elves, and be captured, all before he can begin his manipulation of Númenor. Realistically, the destruction of Númenor would have been (and perhaps still is) it is) expected for the rings of power season 3 or 4, assuming the full five-season plan is completed, so Míriel, already foreshadowing tragedy, and in an episode called “The Great Wave,” seems unexpectedly premature.

Nevertheless, the rings of power it strongly suggests that the annihilation of Númenor could happen sooner rather than later, as Míriel’s vision is just one of several clues pointing in that direction. The ruler who leads a Númenórean army to Valinor and seals the island’s doom in Tolkien’s lore is none other than Ar-Pharazôn, who begins the rings of power episode 4 raging a crowd using nationalist rhetoric tinged with anti-elves sentiments. The seeds are already being planted for Pharazôn to take control and begin merrily dragging Númenor towards his destruction.

the rings of power season 1 also wastes no time establishing the cultural divide of Númenor. Miriel mentions “the loyals” in episode 4, which is Tolkien’s term for Númenóreans who remain loyal to the Valar. Meanwhile, the smiths Halbrand beat up in episode 3 are fanning hatred and anger that will eventually escalate into an all-out assault against the Valar. the rings of power Starting the story of the fall of Númenor so early (the island only debuted in episode 3!) is strange, to be sure, but perhaps an indication that the story will be slow for several seasons, or that The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power he is looking to quickly finish his Númenor material in order to get to more familiar territories like Gondor sooner.

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