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What to know before starting the new Genshin Impact trading card game

The card game train will stop for nothing. Case in point? Your latest high-profile passenger: genshin impact. Yes, the incandescently popular, cross-genre-spanning live service game has a card game. Called the Genius Invocation TCG, it is a permanent minigame implemented in genshin impactThe update 3.3.

As a deck building card game, you can think of it as Gwent: Teyvat Edition. But Genius Summoning is a little different from the mainland’s favorite pub pastime: it also features items, dice, and a duel with Little Timmie. If all the rules sound amazing, the following genshin impact The Genius Invokation TCG guide should help you get up to speed.

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Timaeus talks to Genshin Impact players about the new collectible card game.

Image: MiHoYo via Polygon

How To Unlock Genshin Impact TCG

As with most new game features, the genshin impact The card game has a minimum adventure rank requirement and an introductory quest. The quest, called “Come Try the Genius Invokation TCG!”, automatically appears in your journal if you meet the following requirements:

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  • You have a adventure rank of 32 or higher.
  • You have completed Archon Quest Prologue, Act III, Song of the Dragon and Freedom.

How to Play Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG

Each Genius Invocation TCG deck consists of three character cards and 30 action cards. the character cards they are placed openly on the table. They are used to attack opponents, but also take damage. If all three of your opponent’s character cards are destroyed, you have won the game. the action cards, on the other hand, are kept in hand. its about team cards that improve the abilities of the characters, event cards offering a variety of immediate and long-lasting effects support cards.

Cards clutter the board in the new Genshin Impact collectible card game.

Image: MiHoYo via Polygon

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A character card has a certain amount of HP (shown in the upper left) and three different abilities: a normal attacka elemental skilland a elemental blast. These skills have a cost that can be paid with dice. More on that below, but let’s take a look at the ability cost first:

  • normal attack: Costs one die of a matching element and two dice of an unaligned element.
  • elemental ability: Costs three dice of a matching item.
  • elemental blast– Cost varies, but usually three or four dice of a matching item, plus a certain amount of Energy. An energy point is gained when performing a normal or elemental skill attack.

Now what about those given? Each round of the Genius Invocation TCG begins by rolling eight dice showing the game. items instead of numbers. One side has a omni element, which can represent any other element. Once you have your dice, trade them in for character abilities. If you want to use Kaeya’s elemental ability, for example, you need three criodads (or additional omnidads).

Note that some action cards also cost dice. If the number on the card is white, the dice must be of the same element (omni dice still count!). If it’s black, you can use any dice. Also good to know: you can discard any action card in your hand in exchange for elementary tuningallowing you to change one of the dice to an item of your choice.

What a Genius Invokation TCG game looks like

The best way to learn a new game is to play it. Now that you know the basics, here’s a step-by-step Genius Invokation tutorial:

  • Step one: Each player draws five random action cards of your deck. Click on them to see what they do, then decide which ones you’d like to redraw (up to five, with only one chance to redraw).
  • Second step: To establish a active character. This character is the only one capable of initiating attacks, but is also the one that takes all incoming damage (other than special effects). You can change the active character at the cost of one die.
  • Step three: Roll the dice, then select each die that does not match the items on your character card to reroll. For example, if you roll a dendro die but none of your three characters is a dendro, you must reroll it.
  • Step four: Choose a action, like an attack. If your active character can’t do it, you can switch to a different character whose element matches your dice. Also don’t forget the five action cards you have in hand; you can use them or change them for elemental tuning.
  • step five: You and your opponent will continue to take turns (one action per turn) until you both run out of dice to use. When that happens, click “end round” to proceed to the next phase, which begins with a new dice roll.

Tips for Playing Genshin Impact Genius Invocation TCG

Before we send you off to fight Timmie, here are some more Genius Invocation tips:

  • If you forgot your character’s items or weapon types during the reroll/redraw phases, click the little eye icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Do not doubt change character. Creating elemental reactions, power generation, and damage spreading are all very worth it.
  • elementary reactions they still exist in Genius Invocation. For example, you can use a cryogenic attack followed by a pyrotechnic attack to trigger a fusion reaction, resulting in an additional two points of damage.

A Mondstat map shows where to start the new Genshin Impact trading card game.

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Image: MiHoYo via Polygon

How to find Genius Invokation TCG matches and build decks

As you set out to become the best Teyvat Genius Invokation TCG player, there are three more things you need: better cards, a deck-building tool, and opponents. For additional cards of your choice, talk to Prince (yes, the talking cat) in the Cat’s Tail Tavern. Although he does not accept Mora, he only lucky coins obtained from Genius Invokation TCG victories.

To review your deck or build a new one, use the chest of tomes in your inventory, in the gadgets tab. Use the same tool to find matches near your location. Click on the blue card icons on the map to see the opponent’s name and match rewards.

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