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“When Ashok Gehlot…”: Digvijaya Singh on why he decided to participate

“When the field is clear, I thought why not?” Digvijaya Singh told NDTV.

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New Delhi:

Digvijaya Singh, a leading congressman entering the party’s presidential race, said today that his move was a spontaneous decision, taken after it became clear that Rajasthan Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot’s candidacy was thwarted by the rebellion of his loyal MLAs. . If elected, Singh said he would carry out the party’s decisions, as is the case in a democratic system, he said. A good leader “is not a dictator” but “first among equals,” he pointed out.

“When the field is clear, I thought why not?” she told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

When asked what he meant by a “clear field”, he said: “Initially, there was talk of the party deciding on a name. So it was different. Now it’s another scenario.”

Gehlot, a loyalist to the Gandhi family, was seen as the “official” candidate.

But the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh refused to speak about the situation in Rajasthan, a state headed by his friend of four decades.

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Singh could be one of the three corners in what could result in a triangular election. Congressional sources told NDTV that the party’s top leadership is looking for a preferred candidate for the party’s top job. There is a possibility that the candidate could be Mukul Wasnik, a staunch Gandhi family loyalist rewarded with a seat in the Rajya Sabha earlier this year.

A section of the party has reservations about Singh, who is seen as having “too much political baggage” despite his credentials as a Gandhi family loyalist, the sources said.

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Singh agreed that he was not the “official” candidate. “If the Gandhi say there is no ‘authorized’ candidate, how can I be one? I am not the ‘official’ or ‘authorized’ candidate. I am challenging the dictates of my conscience. I will ask everyone, if they think I am. I deserve then well,” he said.

Asked if his work would be guided by his conscience or by the Gandhi family, Digvijaya Singh said: “I believe in the democratic system. Whatever the party decides, I will accept it.”

“A leader is only first among equals. They are not dictators. They are responsible. For example, Sonia Gandhi consults everyone. Only after that does she make a decision. This is the leadership system in any democratic party,” he added.

On whether he would withdraw the nomination once an “official” candidate enters the race, Singh said he is in wait-and-see mode. “The political situation can change. We’ll see,” he said.

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