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When will Avatar: The Way of Water arrive on Disney Plus?

Avatar: The Path of Water It’s already making waves at the box office (ha). The long-awaited sequel to James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi blockbuster, the path of water it’s playing in everything from 3D IMAX to regular 2D and has become a theatrical attraction, having earned close to $500 million worldwide as of this writing. But if you’re waiting to watch this impossibly long movie from the comfort of your own couch (where you can press pause when you need to use the bathroom), how long will you have to wait?

Disney has not yet announced when Avatar: The Path of Water will be available to stream. For Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the company has adopted a minimum window of 45 days between the theatrical debut and the streaming release. Yes Avatar: The Path of Water follow that pipeline, the earliest you can get to the platform is january 30th. However, depending on the success of the movie, Disney tends to extend that pipeline: Thor: Love and Thunder hits streaming 62 days after its premiere, for example, and we still don’t have a broadcast date for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Not all Disney-produced movies are subject to that 45-day rule (see Strange world, which is coming to Disney Plus on December 23), but that fate is usually reserved for movies that don’t do well at the box office. Judging by Avatar: The Way of Water’It’s a resounding success, that doesn’t seem to be the outcome of the film. In fact, Disney will probably want to keep the movie in theaters for as long as possible. After all, the original movie stayed in theaters for 234 days. While Disney is unlikely to expect that a long time to release the sequel on Disney Plus, the path of water it might not hit streaming until well into 2023.

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There’s also the possibility that the movie might end up available to rent or download, with the streaming option not being available until later. Such was the case with Top Gun: Maverick, which won’t hit Paramount Plus until seven months after its debut (December 22), despite being available to rent in August. If that’s the case, Avatar: The Path of Water it might be available to rent or buy around March 2023 (that’s the 90-day window), but it won’t hit Disney Plus until later in the year.

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There’s also other hiccup: Disney is in debt with a lengthy contract between 20th Century Studios and HBO. The contract expires in 2022, but it is not clear if Avatar: The Path of Water falls below her. If so, the movie could get a brief stint on HBO Max first before moving to Disney Plus. Disney has not said anything about it.

In the meantime, there are plenty of options to see the movie in theaters, including the 4DX release. Take a look at our review and then enjoy space whales.

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