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Where to Find Elemental Rods in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

To activate Agatha’s Altar and acquire the Moon Seal at Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players must search The Grounds for four Elemental Rods.

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Unlocking the power of Atum in Marvel’s Midnight Suns requires players to use a magical relic known as a Moon Seal, which can only be obtained by collecting four Elemental Rods. The Elemental Wands include the elements: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of these bars is found in a different location on The Grounds map. While the map is not very large, navigating through its different terrains, various obstacles, and complex environments can be challenging for some players. Fortunately, obtaining each elemental rod does not involve solving difficult puzzles or fighting in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.


First off, players are advised to start their Elemental Rod quest with the Air Rod item on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which can be found in the Whispering Wood region, slightly northwest of Agatha’s Altar. To get to the staff’s location, walk up to the Elemental Altar but take the first right into the Whispering Woods. Next, walk down the path until you come to an intersection marked with two ruined pillars. Turn left at this junction to discover a small candlelit altar with the Air Rod at Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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Every Elemental Rod Location in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Every elemental rod map location in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Based on gameplay footage from YouTube content creator WoW Quests, the Water Elemental Rod in Marvel’s Midnight Suns it can be found inside The Grotto, a landmark south of The Yard. First, investigate the stone bridge in front of the pool in The Grotto to find the water bar hidden under the arch of the bridge. Next, the Fire Rod can be found inside the Chapel, one of the many rooms in the Abbey. Accordingly, enter Marvel’s Midnight Suns Abbey and go to the Chapel at the southernmost point of the monastery, past the Barracks. The Elemental Rod of Fire in Marvel’s Midnight Suns He will be sitting on a small altar near the windows.

The fourth and last Elemental Rod in Marvel’s Midnight Suns it is the Earth Rod, which can be found in Hunter’s Folly, a region east of Abbey and south of Dreamer’s Descent. Players will find a small mausoleum with a locked door at the end of the path in Hunter’s Folly. Use the first power word to open the door and pick up the dirt bar located to the left of the entrance. After collecting all the elemental rods, players must return to Agatha’s Altar and place all the rods on the pillars surrounding the altar of power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The water rod goes on the far left and the fire rod goes on the pedestal on the far right. Next, the Air Rod should go to the pillar to the left of the second ladder, while the Earth Rod goes to the right. Once the rods are placed, the Lunar Seal will appear for the shot.

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Source: YouTube/WoW Quests

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