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Where to Watch Tulsa King

How does Sylvester Stalone keep sweeping decade after decade? Find out how to watch Tulsa King, a new gangster saga with a very unorthodox setting.

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This is the place to find out where to look king of tulsaTaylor Sheridan’s latest hit show about a New York City mobster forced to move to Oklahoma.

Few Hollywood stars can match the longevity or body of work of Sylvester Stallone, who is entering the world of streaming starring in king of tulsa. As usual for Stallone, who is now in his 70s, the actor known for his work in Rocky, RamboY the Expendables he is not involved in the project to make some cameos, since he appears in almost every scene. king of tulsa is the latest show in a string of hits from Taylor Sheridan, the Sons of Anarchy actor who went on to write and create movies and series including Hitman Y yellow stone. Similar to Fargowith king of tulsa, Sheridan builds on the proven fish-out-of-water formula by taking organized crime to a place not commonly associated with mob culture. At the start of the show, Stallone, as Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi, has been released from prison after serving a 25-year murder sentence for a hit ordered by his New York mob boss. Dwight is surprised not only by how the New York City area has changed, but also by the fact that his crime family no longer has a place for him in his old territory. Dwight reluctantly relocates to Tulsa and is given free rein to set up a new criminal ring.


You can find out what happens when an East Coast mobster finds himself in the Sooner State and stream the first season of king of tulsa Now on Paramount+.

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Watch Tulsa King on Paramount+

How does Dwight build a crime empire in Oklahoma?

Tulsa King Dwight Manfredi and his driver Tyson

As soon as Dwight steps off the plane in Oklahoma, it’s obvious that Stallone’s character in king of tulsa he remains resourceful despite decades in prison cut off from the outside world. One of his first actions is to find a cab driver, and before Tyson, played by Jay Will, knows it, he becomes not only Dwight’s personal chauffeur, but also an integral part of Dwight’s new crime syndicate in Tulsa. Dwight then searches for a local business to break into and offer protection in exchange for a percentage of the profits. The marijuana dispensary Tyson and Dwight pass by seems like an easy target, and despite the fact that medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, its owner is convinced to do business with Dwight after his security guard is mugged. From there, as Dwight seeks to expand his business interests, he assembles a diverse team with the help of Mitch Keller, a paroled local bartender who provides valuable insight into everything going on in town. Oklahoma’s new crime family, which includes another ex-mobster hiding out in Tulsa and a big-time Native American enforcer protecting the dispensary’s source of marijuana, soon finds itself battling a local biker gang.

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Although Dwight is obsessed with establishing his criminal network in Tulsa as soon as possible, it’s not all business for him. Shortly after arriving in Oklahoma, he meets Stacy Beale, played by Andrea Savage. Unknown to Dwight at the time, Stacy is an ATF agent. Then, once they sleep together at Dwight’s hotel, Stacy is the one who gets a surprise when she finds out that he’s actually old. Stacy would later admit to Dwight that he works for the government and that they are tracking his activities, so it will be an interesting dynamic in the show going forward to see how their relationship stands up to being on opposite sides of the law. Dwight, already feeling exiled by his New York mob family, faces further relationship problems as he tries to reconnect with his daughter, who hasn’t spoken to him in 18 years. Finally, when Dwight returns to Brooklyn to attend his younger brother’s funeral, his daughter Tina reveals a shocking secret that sends Dwight into deadly revenge on another mobster.

where to look king of tulsa

Tulsa King Dwight looking at his new empire

With strong ratings, king of tulsa it has already been renewed for a second season before its 10-episode first season concludes. You can find out how the show redefines the mafia drama genre and streaming. king of tulsa Now on Paramount+.

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Watch Tulsa King on Paramount+

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