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Friday, September 30, 2022

Why Chicago PD’s Upton Is Worried About Halstead Explained By Star

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20220925 191950 1

Tracy Spiridakos explains why Hailey Upton is worried about her new husband, Jay Halstead, in the upcoming season 10 premiere of Chicago PD.

Hailey Upton is worried about her husband, Jay Halstead, when chicago police Season 10 Premieres. Hank Voight’s intelligence is coming off a big win after taking down The Feared in the Season 9 finale. They may not feel very victorious though, as the team takes on the respective collective and personal problems that will make chicago police season 10 will be much more intriguing when it returns with new episodes this week.

The official plot synopsis of chicago police The season 10 premiere reveals that the fallout from the death of Voight’s civilian informant, Anna Avalos, will continue to haunt him. But instead of just affecting the leader of Intelligence, it will also impact the marriage of the two most senior members of his team. Since Upton was the one who shot Anna, Voight could be harboring some secret grudge against her. This puts Halstead in the middle of the conflict brewing between the couple, but aside from that, his actions are also apparently a cause for concern for his new wife.


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Preview of what to expect from the chicago police The season 10 premiere is Spiridakos in a new interview with tv insider. According to the actor, Upton is worried about Halstead as they have different approaches to dealing with Voight, who is obviously still grieving. Unfortunately, she doesn’t go into detail about the trio’s current dynamic, but it sounds like Upton doesn’t agree with how Halstead is handling the matter. Read the full quote from Spiridakos below:

Hailey is worried about Jay. They are both worried about Voight, but their approach to how to handle him is very different.

Conflict within intelligence is not new; the fact that they may have different opinions and approaches is perhaps what makes them a great team. But, what makes this new Spiridakos reveal more interesting is the fact that Halstead is set to exit Intelligence in the next few episodes, after news broke that Jesse Lee Soffer is leaving. chicago police after a decade. The actor is among the remaining original cast still on the series and is considered one of its leads. So knowing that he will be involved in a new conflict within Intelligence is worrying in regards to how he will be written out of the series. Unlike the likes of Erin Lindsay and Antonio Dawson, the One Chicago franchise may be setting up tragedy for Halstead, the same way it did for Al Olinsky.

Beyond that, it’s also interesting what form the intel will take after Halstead leaves. chicago police. Assuming the police procedural kills the character, it will create a massive rift between Upton and Voight, and that’s concerning for the team moving forward. Halstead has long been established as the next leader of Intelligence. Losing him would be important in the long run, that is if the team survives without him in the first place.

Source: TV Insider

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