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Why Debbie Shouldn’t Give The 90 Day Fiancé Cast Relationship Advice

90 day fiance star Debbie Johnson made waves at the 90 days: the single life season 3 Tell-All, leaving fans thinking that she is the last person who should be giving out relationship advice. It’s no secret that Debbie has always been outspoken. From her drama with her son Colt Johnson and her exes Larissa Lima and Jessica Caroline Hanvey to her overbearing involvement in Tell-Alls, Debbie loves to intervene in the relationships of her coworkers. distribution of it


Debbie’s outbursts during the first part of the single life The episode “Tell-All” left fans shaking their heads at his behavior. From the screaming match between her and Josh. Seiter to her ongoing issues with Colt and Vanessa, fans have had enough of Debbie’s unwanted advice. Fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Debbie’s shoots, discussing how people in greenhouses shouldn’t throw rocks. In a thread started by u/gucciglockbandit, a Reddit user said: “The crazy part is that they think the things that come out of her mouth have some validity. She just wants to talk to someone too much.” Other 90 day fiance fan expressed, “This woman is drunk on her perceived importance..” It seems fans can’t stand Debbie’s behavior and believe Josh was right to ask her if she had a mute button, as she clearly needed one.

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Debbie Johnson should focus on herself instead of others

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With the single life Tell-All part one that kicks off the season finale with a bang, the second part seems to promise more drama between Debbie and Tony and Colt and Vanessa Guerra. While the first part saw Debbie interrupting people, interrupting, and yelling, fans are sure to get a lot more in part two. It seems this year is Debbie’s show, and fans are fed up with her antics. Another fan took to the Reddit thread to express his views on Debbie’s own life, saying: “Let’s face it, Debbie moved to Canada because she had no other options. She was lucky to find someone who would tolerate her, she was just as lonely as she was, and she had enough money in the bank to pack up and move.” She is incapable of managing her own life.” Debbie should listen to her own advice and focus on herself instead of other cast members’ relationships.

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Fans are fed up with Debbie and her lack of self-awareness, comparing her to her peers. 90 day fiance member of the Angela Deem franchise. Debbie and Angela are some of the most explosive cast members in the 90 day fiance franchise, and fans think it’s not fair that they haven’t been fired when others have been. Debbie also says that she has a crush on her boyfriend, Tony, but fans can’t help but wonder if it’s all an act. It sounds like Debbie needs to take a hard look at her relationships and spend less time attacking others for theirs. Her relationship with her son, for example, is a disaster. However, Debbie continues to attack other cast members, thinking that everything she says is right while everyone else is wrong.

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Debbie took her antics too far in Single Life Tell-All

Debbie Johnson in 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 laughing in a pink shirt

Debbie’s new relationship with Tony and her recent physical transformation have given her much more confidence. While fans are happy that Debbie has come out of her shell, it seems like she’s taken it too far with her antics. the single life tell everyone. He has become overconfident and entitled and seems to think that his opinion is the only one that matters. Fans were shocked by his attacks on Tell-All and expressed their disdain for the new Debbie. Another fan took to Reddit to express: “She’s got a new man and she thinks he’s hot now.” it seems that many 90 day fiance fans agree that she needs to cool her squirts and take a good look at herself.

While she’s always been a hot head, fans are getting over Debbie’s abusive antics in 90 day fiance. While fans are happy that Debbie has found happiness in her new life, they can’t help but comment on her bad behavior. It seems that Debbie is allowed to say whatever she wants about other people’s relationships and she doesn’t take her co-stars into account. Debbie has taken over Tell-All, and fans are hoping Part 2 will feature Debbie less; however, from the looks of the preview, this seems unlikely.

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Source: u/gucciglockbandit/ Reddit

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