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Why Real Housewives Is A Comfort Franchise For So Many Fans

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Much the real housewives fans have been watching the show since its inception, back with The Real Housewives of Orange County, as it has been a source of comfort for many viewers. It started in 2006 and has since grown to another 10 installments in the US. For some, the franchise is the perfect series to watch when one wants to kick back and relax.

Reality television is something that people can turn on in times of trouble as a form of comfort. With so many seasons and cities of the real housewives, which can get real at times, it’s no surprise that it’s an option for many people. It’s very easy to digest and features plenty of personalities to watch in lavish mansions, wearing designer labels, and dealing with “rich people problems.”


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the real housewives The shows have built a massive following online, creating a community of like-minded people able to discuss and share their love of the franchise on sites like Reddit, Instagram and Twitter. This sense of togetherness is one of the most attractive aspects of being a fan of the real housewives. Iconic moments from the show, like Jen Shah’s arrest on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City or the legal problems of Erika Jayne in The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsThey make fascinating conversation starters. Fans are also always discussing their perspectives on certain situations and what they would have done had they been involved in a certain scenario.

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the real housewives offers escapism

Many viewers appreciate the real housewives for providing escapism. Reddit user EverytingISgonnabeOK credits the franchise for their ability to provide reassurance, especially when they’re sad or anxious. Another Reddit user Iadyfearboner backs this up, saying there are statistics behind the idea that escapist genres in film are more popular during tough times and how this could apply to the real housewives. Extravagance scenes like STEALDana Wilkey’s flaunting her $25,000 sunglasses is an example of this escapism.

the real housewifeFans love to people watch

Some fans enjoy and appreciate the real housewives just so they could people watch. Reddit user Professional-Fact207 says that while they prefer to stay away from drama and tension, there is something comforting and enjoyable about watching from the sidelines. Another Reddit user whoareyouindisworld says the real housewives helps them sleep even when they’re in the middle of screaming matches, like Teresa Giudice in the iconic The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 1 turning table episode.

the real housewives Offers mindless entertainment

The main reason fans attribute the real housewives franchise to a feeling of comfort is how easy it is to digest. Reddit user Previous_Basil talks about how shows are displayed the real housewives are common programs for many people with anxiety because they are “safe” programs. Reddit user myboogerstastespicy agrees, referring to cast members on the shows as “old friends”, which can be said especially for OGs like STEALis Kyle Richards, who will never be fired, or The Real Housewives of New York Cityby Luann de Lesseps. Another Reddit user said they even saw the real housewives to help deal with the death of a loved one.

There is no doubt that the real housewives The franchise has a lot of power. However, many viewers feel that this power runs deeper than their control over pop culture, with many crediting the franchise with helping them with their anxiety and being an escape from their reality. His ever-growing fan base continues to find new reasons to love and appreciate him.

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