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Why The First Avengers Team Ignored Spider-Man – Explained By Stan Lee

when the avengers first appeared, Spiderman was absent from the list despite its immense popularity, but Stan Lee it actually explained why this decision was made. The Avengers are Marvel’s main super team, made up of the best, the strongest and the smartest; however, with one notable exception in the 2000s, Spider-Man has almost never been a member. In the introduction to Marvel Masterpieces: The AvengersFirst published in 1988, Stan Lee discussed his reasons for leaving Spider-Man off the team.


When Avengers #1 debuted in the fall of 1963, the Marvel Age of Comics was in full swing. The publisher debuted its superhero line two years earlier with The Fantastic Four and continued with a string of solo heroes, including the Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Ant-Man & the Wasp, and Iron Man. Each of these characters, headlining their own features, became popular with fans, and it was only matter of time before they joined. The first number of the Avengers he assembled the team to take down a rampaging Hulk, who was being manipulated by Thor’s half-brother Loki. The first issue lineup included all of the aforementioned heroes except Spider-Man.

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In the introduction to Marvel Masterpieces: The Avengers, co-creator Stan Lee recalls brainstorming potential members for the new team (created with Jack Kirby). The Fantastic Four were already a team, so they were scrapped. Lee went on to say that Spider-Man “it was not a good choice” explaining that being a “Lonely” it is too central to his personality and attractiveness. Lee goes on to compare Spider-Man’s situation to the Hulk, since they’re both not team players, but the Hulk made the cut. This was because Stan wanted the Hulk to “contrast” purposes and have a member “it was somewhat unpredictable” and could help fuel future stories. Stan then explained that the remaining heroes on the roster, such as Iron Man and Thor, would be a perfect fit for the Avengers, with the fact that the Hulk left almost immediately, proving that the team simply didn’t have room for those who had been specifically designed. . to work alone.

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Spider-Man would never have fit in with the Avengers

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Lee’s assessment of his creation is spot on: Spider-Man is, in fact, a loner and not a team player. Over the years, Spider-Man has teamed up with numerous heroes, but he rarely joins any team, and even then never for very long. He would have been out of his league with the Avengers, especially given the team’s initial setup. Iron Man was a wealthy industrialist, Thor a god of thunder, Ant-Man and the Wasp were research scientists, etc. Spider-Man, on the other hand, was a teenager, still in high school, and still living with his May’s aunt. While Spider-Man was powerful, his attitude and outlook on life would have clashed with his teammates. Of course, Spider-Man made join the Avengers during Brian Michael Bendis’ new avengers run in the mid-2000s. After 40 years of declining membership, or being rejected, Spider-Man finally joined, much to the outcry of fans, who felt it betrayed the character. Spider-Man served the team with distinction, but the change didn’t stick, and by the time Bendis left the franchise, Spider-Man was no longer on the roster.

It’s clear that Stan Lee saw Spider-Man this way from the start, as one of his early stories sees him trying, and failing, to join the Fantastic Four, making his solo adventures one of the first things established about him. the Friendly Neighborhood Wall. Tractor. Today, while Spider-Man may be willing to work with multiversal variants of him in an emergency, Peter Parker is once again a loner. Finally, Stan Leethe vision of Spiderman as someone who just doesn’t fit in avengers the list remains true to this day.

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Font: Marvel Masterpieces: The Avengers

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