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Will the EU put in place a long-term energy strategy?

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20220925 142630

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European countries are looking for ways to rein in rising energy prices.

European energy ministers failed to agree on a plan to curb Russian gas prices at an emergency meeting in Brussels.

The session aimed to look at how to protect households and businesses from high energy bills.

EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson says countries that rely heavily on Russian supplies fear they will be cut off completely.

President Vladimir Putin had earlier threatened to “freeze” Europe during the approaching winter if a cap were to be implemented.

So what are the options? And are the measures already taken sufficient to pass the winter block?

Presenter: Imran Khan


Sandrine Dixon Dicliffe – climate energy researcher and co-author of the book, Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity

Clive Moffat – Founder and Chairman of the UK Energy Security Group and a former Energy Adviser to the UK Government

Mehmet Ojotko – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the London Energy Club and former director of British Gas

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