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Winnie Harlow Posts Heartfelt Message About Her NYFW Journey And Personally Thanks Kanye West For Believing In Her

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20220925 181739

Winnie Harlow has walked the runways of some of fashion’s most iconic designers, but in a recent social media post she let her fans know that it wasn’t always this way, while calling out Kanye West. In a heartfelt message posted to her Instagram account, Winnie Harlow detailed her NYFW journey and personally thanked Kanye West for believing in her.

Winnie Harlow wrote the following message about her journey as a model:

“Do you know what is crazy about this moment? My first fashion week, I had no money and no agency, but I spent my last one and flew to New York hoping to walk Kanye’s first ever Yeezy show. Clearly, I didn’t get it. I didn’t have any shows that year, actually. I flew back home and cried in bed. But I never failed to know that I wanted to make myself proud younger; the younger me who had never seen anyone who looked like me. This year, Kanye West approached me about wearing Yeezy. Wow. Blessed. full circle.”

You may recall that Winnie, who initially got her start on the reality competition series ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ has modeled for both Kanye West’s Yeezy brand and ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s Skims.

All three were in attendance at NYFW this year, as paparazzi photographed Winnie Harlow sitting ringside with Kim and hanging out with Kanye while promoting her viral (though not yet released) Yeezy sunglasses.

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