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Winnie The Pooh: Tigger’s 10 Funniest Quotes

Pixar’s turning red, released on March 1, 2022, introduced fans to Disney’s new animal friend in the form of Mei’s giant red panda. Since the days of Bambi, Disney has had a full cast of lovable furry faces that have captivated and delighted fans for decades. However, none are as cute as the creatures of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore are some of the most recognizable characters in the Disney lineup and they’re all loved for different reasons, but few are as bombastic and eccentric as Tigger. He is vivacious, vivacious, bulky, funny, funny, funny, funny, and his wild antics and sense of humor are what set him apart from the rest of the Pooh team, especially in some of his dialogue.

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10/10 “TTFN, Ta-Ta for now!”

Though it might have been around long before the introduction of texting, Instagram, Twitter, or other similar social media platforms, Tigger could be said to have permanently imprinted this early example of text language. Whether he knew it or not, he was a trendsetter long before the invention of cell phones or chat rooms.

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Not that the quote is particularly funny, but it does have an element of cultural relevance. Like so many abbreviations and anagrams, it has become a common part of digital communication. Tigger may or may not have been the originator of this term, but he is arguably the most famous user.

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9/10 “Watch me scare the rays out of this impostor.”

Like so many classic Disney characters, sometimes Tigger is at his best when he’s not trying to be funny. In his first meeting with Winnie the Pooh, Tigger makes a rather boisterous first impression. Since he was clear in saying that he is the only Tigger, it makes sense that he would be a bit perturbed to see another one on the other side of Pooh’s abode.

This comedic exchange is certainly one of the character’s silliest moments, but it also establishes his sense of humor. As Tigger establishes dominance over his reflection, he has no choice but to keep his word and quickly take cover under the table. Pride goes before the fall, as the saying goes.

8/10 “That disgusting sticky stuff is only fit for Heffalumps and Woozles.”

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By this point in his original appearance in the film, it becomes apparent that Tigger is a messy houseguest. That said, it’s quite amusing to watch him get dirty with a mouth full of honey. However, it is not a dish that the character enjoys for long.

Not only is the quote an apt description of his attitude towards Pooh’s reason for living, but it also leads both Pooh and the viewers into the very psychedelic sequence of the Heffalumps and Woozles number. Let Tigger give Pooh night terrors about cartoon elephants and weasels.

7/10 “You’re the one that’s stuffed with fluff.”

This is just one of many nicknames Tigger bestowed on the silly old bear, but it’s quite possible that it’s one of the most repeated. It’s not a jab, but a reiteration of Pooh’s earlier “stuff and fluff” line. Either way, it’s an apt description of Pooh’s character, inside and out.

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Tigger has a habit of giving all of his friends nicknames, a factor that some viewers may or may not find endearing. However, it is the character’s way of showing affection and it can result in some pretty hilarious endearments.

6/10 “It’s a dangerous road that bounces… but it bounces alone.”

What makes this line so funny is the level of seriousness and conviction with which Tigger delivers it. As he bounces through the woods and meets up with Pooh, the topic of sidekicks comes into the conversation when a large red balloon begins to attach itself to Tigger’s tail. Of course, the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that he’s the only one, and he doesn’t let Pooh forget that.

Tigger is by far one of the least dangerous and intimidating characters in all of Disney, but hearing him say a line like this as serious as Jason Statham in an action thriller is pure joy. At least he takes the work of his character seriously.

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5/10 “Oh, for God’s sake, take me from here!”

It has already been established that Tigger’s pride is perhaps one of his greatest weaknesses. Surprising absolutely no one, his ego is what gets him into the most trouble and often bites off more than he can chew. In his first feature film appearance, he gets trapped in a tree where he must go through the fourth wall for help.

When the narrator, voiced by Sebastian Cabot, tells Tigger that his bouncing got him into a sticky situation, Tigger pleads with him to “narrate him down” from the tree. It results in a classic Disney visual gag and also brings out the godlike powers of the disembodied voice.

4/10 “I almost bounced off the ride.”

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh has been a fixture of Fantasyland at Walt Disney World since 1999, but it also contains a very impressive Easter egg. Although the immortal Jim Cummings has voiced Pooh and Tigger since the late ’80s, Paul Winchell was the original actor for the constantly bouncing tiger, and the attraction features one of his last performances as the character.

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Winchell provided most of the dialogue for the ride, and even broke the fourth wall by dropping from the ceiling during Tigger’s sequence in the ride. Even a theme park ride can’t contain Tigger’s massive amounts of energy.

3/10 “You can’t bounce the bounce if you can’t even pronounce the bounce.”

On the one hand, this is just a catchy little joke to introduce “The Woop-De-Dooper Bounce” number into tiger movie, it might also contain some life advice. Tigger may not be everyone’s first choice of role model, but he definitely serves as the lovable older brother figure for Roo throughout this heartwarming classic Disney film.

Essentially Tigger’s version of “Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk,” the phrase has an unquestionable ring to it. It’s unlikely that many Disney fans would suddenly start doing stunts, but the quote captures the jovial good humor of Tigger’s mentoring skills.

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2/10 “They have cheated me!”

There’s a saying that “even holiness has its limits”, and Rabbit definitely got it right in the episode “No Rabbit’s A Fortress” in The new adventures of Winnie the Pooh. In the episode, Rabbit is so sick and tired of his friends, namely Tigger, running around his garden that he builds a fort and booby traps it outside the fence.

Piglet is shot with a plunger arrow, Pooh gets trapped between two mattresses, and Tigger ends up falling in love with a fake rabbit in a spring. Realizing his situation, he reluctantly admits defeating him before he springs the trap, leaving the child and adult viewers chuckling at his line.

1/10 “The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that I’m the only one.”

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It is almost impossible to read the aforementioned quote without singing it or, at the very least, hearing the melody in the recesses of the mind. Given that it’s part of his theme song, a statement of truth that appeals to his personality, and pretty much his catchphrase of a lifetime, it’s understandable why this would be his most memorable line.

Tigger is the beacon of proud individuality, and he does absolutely nothing to stop it. He’s open and playfully honest about who he is and what he’s about, and there’s no reason he should be any different.

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