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With Ciara’s new OAM brand, radiant skin is just a step or two away

Of all the burning questions that have flooded our minds this year (Who will go out with Pete next time? Do I need curtain bangs?) perhaps the most common question is: Do we really need another celebrity beauty brand? It’s no secret that we’ve reached the peak of celebrity beauty brand fatigue, with every launch entering the fold seemingly every two weeks eliciting constant blank stares from consumers who are still trying to catch up. with the last. However, there is a new celebrity brand of Ciara that could make you, dare I say it, 1, 2, step.

Like her other purpose-driven extracurricular ventures: House of LR&C (Love, Respect, and Care), which the star founded with husband Russell Wilson and entrepreneur Christine Day, and her in-house ready-to-wear brand LITA (Love Is The Answer): Ciara is launching a skincare brand, OAM (On a Mission), further pushing the notion that love is at the root of everything, including skin.

How you see yourself in your most natural state sets the tone for how you talk to yourself and the level of confidence you radiate when you go out into the world. For a moment, the red carpet darling had trouble accepting her bare face, so she challenged herself to forego makeup when necessary.

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“When I was younger, I used to think that I needed to have a full face of makeup to love my most beautiful self. As I got older, I told myself I wouldn’t allow myself to feel like I had to put on all these different enhancements to feel beautiful and confident,” says Ciara. She admits that she frequently used body wash and body lotion on her face, and occasionally dabbled in microdermabrasion. Despite the efforts of her makeup artist, Yolonda Frederick, who is on OAM’s advisory board and suggested that the singer start using eye creams (“I didn’t think they really worked”), it wasn’t until OAM’s inception that Ciara realized the power of a simple skincare routine, effective ingredients, and trusted skin experts.

It is that three-pronged approach that OAM is based on. After two years in development, OAM’s goal is to simplify your skincare routine with clinical-grade formulas that make maintaining healthy skin less intimidating.

“When I talk about being on a mission to simplify clinical skin care, the idea is that all you need is a simple one- or two-step process. We’re not going to overcomplicate things. Because honestly, when you go to skincare stores, it’s overwhelming. Where do I start?” she says. With the Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser, of course. About 10 minutes into our interview, Ciara takes my hand to give me an impromptu demonstration of the entire OAM regimen, starting with step one. Each bottle it is designed with a numbering system (in the form of a C) to help guide the consumer through the routine.

“The cleanser removes makeup very well, in one wash. If you have eyeliner on, that’s a little more complicated,” she warns. She is right; The cleanser’s rich foamy lather is a boon for people who typically use sheer formulas or foundation powders. Thicker formulas will need the help of a cleansing oil, followed by the Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser, which doesn’t leave skin feeling stripped of its nutrients.

“I wanted a line that would tell me the key things I need to make my skin radiant, glowing, as smooth and even as possible, and eliminate dark circles and lines,” she says. Enter: Brightening Vitamin C Pads. Designed to be the second step in the routine, these pads are lightly infused with OAM’s exclusive Tri-C Pro-Peptide Complex, which contains a blend of peptides and three different forms of vitamin C, along with other active ingredients (such as the ascorbic acid in the Vitamin C Serum—step three). The potent use of vitamin C isn’t just a clever twist on the singer’s first initial.

Ciara on a mission


“Our bodies don’t make vitamin C, so I wanted to create products with unique and very special forms of vitamin C. The way it works in our products is different. With Tri-C Pro-Peptide Complex in all products, it releases vitamin C in microdoses throughout the day so your skin isn’t irritated by the amount of vitamin C it receives. I call them liquid gold for the face because they really are game changers,” he explains. Don’t be intimidated by all this vitamin C talk: OAM is safe for sensitive skin. Ciara tried the strain during the pandemic and even during the pregnancy of her youngest daughter, Win. “More than anything, this works. I was literally building my line when I was pregnant in the pandemic, and that was the most sensitive skin I’ve ever had,” she says.

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The singer discusses the ingredients and benefits of the products with the insight of a student who has never skipped class. It’s a testament to the board of trusted skin experts she personally hand-picked to help her on this journey. Ciara, along with board-certified Dr. Tiffany Libby, Sally Beauty’s former VP of digital strategy and innovation JC Johnson, celebrity makeup artist Yolonda Frederick, and a cosmetic chemist named Maha, brought their respective passions together to produce a line that is not only backed by experts, but also addresses the concerns of women of color.

Ciara admits she’s well aware of celebrity brand fatigue, but what sets OAM apart, she says, is that commitment to women of color.

“When I was preparing for the launch, I had no idea there were so many celebrity skincare lines. But I also realized that there are only a few women of color skincare brands in this space. And for me, being a woman of color, I thought hopefully I can be a part of that great space where you’ll see more women from color-led brands. I don’t think one person has to do it and only one person can win,” she adds.

The OAM range is priced between $28 and $62 for individual products, with the option to purchase the entire pack for $160, available now on

Vitamin C Moisturizing Cleanser
OAM Hydrating Vitamin C Skin Cleanser
Vitamin C Brightening Pads
OAM Skin Brightening Vitamin C Pads
Brightening serum with 20% vitamin C
OAM Skin Brightening Serum 20% Vitamin C
Vitamin C Radiant Moisturizer
OAM Skin Vitamin C Radiance Moisturizer
Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer
OAM Skin Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer

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