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Wolverine Is Now The Greatest Hunter In The Marvel Universe

In the latest issue of X-Force, Wolverine confronts Kraven in the Shadow Room, definitively proving his own status as a hunter in the Marvel Universe.

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Caveat! This post contains SPOILERS for X-Force #33.

In the last number of X-Force, Glutton officially confirms his status as Marvel’s greatest hunter of all time after an epic battle with kraven the hunter. Known for his prowess as a formidable hunter who tracks down only the most worthy prey, Kraven has recently set his sights on mutants, whom he sees as the world’s new apex predators. However, Wolverine’s new battle with the villainous Spider-Man confirms that Logan is the greatest hunter in the Marvel Universe.


Previously on topics X-Force, Kraven used Deadpool’s severed head to gain access to the mutant-exclusive nation of Krakoa. Using the X-Men’s war with the Eternals in Doomsday As a cover, Kraven sabotaged several resurrection eggs to raise the stakes of his hunt, striking from the shadows and brutally killing as many mutants as he could find. However, Kraven eventually learned that the strongest and best of the mutants was Wolverine. As such, Kraven used Beast as bait and created a deadly prehistoric environment using the Room of Shadows to draw Wolverine into an intense and bloody showdown.

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With dinosaurs and a dangerous volcanic eruption in the background, Wolverine saves Beast before finally facing Kraven himself in the new X-Force #33 by Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill. Known for his impressive tracking abilities and for being the best at what he does with his metal claws, Wolverine and Kraven are evenly matched in terms of skill and ability. While Logan ultimately gains the upper hand, he refuses to kill the incapacitated villain, proving his status as the greatest hunter in the Marvel Universe.

Why Wolverine is a better hunter than Kraven

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After his long life in service to a deadly living weapon, Wolverine understands that the act of killing must never be the reward for a truly worthy hunter. This is in direct opposition to Kraven, who delights in taking lives. Though Kraven ends up escaping the Shadow Room and Krakoa after their battle, Wolverine tells Laura Kinney that he’s glad the villain is still alive and around:

“I like the idea of ​​him out there, just like I like the idea of ​​sharks traversing the depths and crocodiles diving into the swamp and bears crawling through the woods. They keep you looking over your shoulder, and when you’re looking over your shoulder, you are valuing your life.

Essentially, Wolverine is equating Kraven with the bigger, more dangerous game. Likewise, this is how The requirements he sees similarly to Wolverine and how he once saw Spider-Man before mutants gained their biggest prominence. However, even though both hunters see each other as the most worthy prey, Glutton he is definitely the best hunter in the Marvel Universe not only because of his comparable if not greater skill, but also because he has more honor and nobility. X-Force #33 is for sale now.

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