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Wondering Which Collared Shirt Suits You The Most? Let’s Help You a Bit

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Well, shirts never go out of trend. However, when it comes to shirts, everyone has their preferences. If you choose to wear a collared shirt, there are some simple techniques to select the best-collared shirt for yourself.

Wearing a collared shirt is a wonderful alternative for both casual and professional looks in today’s developing fashion trend. At the same time, there are numerous possibilities for shirts and collars. However, not every type of collar is appropriate for everyone. In this case, you can easily select the best-collared shirt for you by following some guidelines.

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Focus on the fitting

People pay special attention to the right fitting of garments while purchasing a shirt, but the fitting of the collar is often overlooked. To check the collar fitting, button the top after wearing the shirt. Place your fingers between the collar and the neck. When the finger is removed, the collar fits perfectly.

Casual and formal look collar

The collars on casual and formal shirts differ. Casual wear collars are soft. Formal collars, on the other hand, are stiff. You can choose between a shirt and the one based on your needs.

Consider your face type

Sometimes the collar of the best-fitting shirt does not suit your face. Do not neglect the face when purchasing a shirt. Point collars look great on round faces, while tab collars look great on square faces.

Choose the best suitable collar type:

All collared shirts appear the same, but you may be shocked to learn that there are seven different styles of shirts or collars. Aside from the point collar, a broad spread collar flatters thin and tall faces, a cutaway collar flatters a horizontal face, a club collar flatters a short face, and a button collar, tab collar, or wing collar flatters a formal look.

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