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Wordle 467: September 29, 2022 Hints & Answer

Wordle’s answer on September 29 has many possible answers and the key to solving today’s riddle is to use relevant clues to get a better idea.

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September 29th Word The answer is relatively easy to solve since it uses a very common combination of letters. While there are many words that use similar combinations, players should be able to identify the correct position of at least a few letters within their first three tries. What makes solving Wordle’s answer today a bit tricky is figuring out the confirmed position of the single vowel. While this can be done fairly easily if players use their usual opening words, it can be more difficult to discover other confirmed letters later on. That being said, if players are stuck on their last tries, it would be wise to use contextual hints that give them a better idea of ​​the solution.


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While today’s answer doesn’t require players to use WordHard mode is the perfect opportunity to practice in this mode so that players can be prepared for more difficult words in the future. Although players prefer to use the regular mode, the more challenging mode will help players develop new strategies that they can use for the future. Word puzzles featuring repeated letters or unusual vowels. However, if players don’t want to spend too much time solving today’s solution on hard mode, they can use the relevant tips below to solve the answer quickly.

Today’s Wordle Suggestions (Sep 29 #467)

While many players consider using hints to cheat, it is a useful tool for players who don’t take Word too seriously. In keeping with the challenging nature of the puzzle, the suggestions below don’t spoil the answer for players and just push them in the right direction. Players will still have to find the solution themselves, though it will take today’s issue to resolve. Word much easier puzzle.

  • Track 1: a burn or injury caused by hot liquid or steam.
  • Track 2: bring to a temperature just below the boiling point
  • Track 3: Coffee with cream. (fill in the blank)

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Wordle’s reply today (Sep 29 #467)

on september 29 Word the answer is SCALD.

As the nature of the word suggests, there are many words that end with ‘AML’. However, players will be able to identify at least three letters using the words ‘LITTLE’, ‘SCALE’ and ‘SCALP’. In fact, using these words allows us to find out the answer in four tries, although there are many possible answers. Players should be careful when casually using guesses, as it is possible to use all of their guesses without a favorable outcome. from today Word SCALD response is another way to describe a scab caused by a hot liquid like coffee.

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