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Workin’ Moms: The Most Unnecessary Storylines

In July 2022, creator and star Catherine Reitman said Mameluke of the women in working mothers“This is really a show about women outside of their nurseries. It’s about women who have the identity of mothers unapologetically chasing their dreams.”

The fans waited working mothers season 6, as the sitcom shows that motherhood can be as brutal as it is wonderful. Between the hugs and the adorable sleeping babies, there are worries about working too hard and marital problems. It is a black comedy that tells the truth about women who want to raise children as much as they seek professional and personal success. Kate (Catherine Reitman), Anne (Dani Kind), Frankie (Juno Rinaldi), and Jenny (Jessalyn Wanlim) are finding their way and trying to fit in. But while the sitcom is excellent, it hits a few wrong notes, from the bad babysitter to working mothers to the relationship between Nathan and Kate and the question of whether Nathan is cheating on Kate in working mothers.

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Updated on November 4, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras: Catherine Reitman shared that season 7 will be the last season of Workin’ Moms, according to CBC, which is sad for fans to hear as the sitcom has been a fun and down-to-earth look at motherhood since day one. Reflecting on the past six seasons, there have been some plot lines that make sense for the characters and show the rough times they’ve had, but there are also some episodes that feel more boring than others. From Nathan in Workin’ Moms to some of the other main characters, there are some people who definitely make dumb decisions or get involved in situations that don’t seem logical or necessary.

Frankie goes to a center and considers working there.

working mothers she didn’t shy away from Frankie’s postpartum depression in the first season and that’s something to commend. But when Frankie leaves for a treatment center to get help, the show takes a rather confusing turn.

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Frankie is doing so well that he considers working there after he is offered a job. But why would she do that? That would mean taking her off the main stage of the show as they all hang out in Toronto and in the moms and babies group.

Nathan cheats on Kate

It was incredibly hard for working mothers fans will learn in the season two finale “Look Back” that Kate’s husband Nathan (Philip Stenberg) has been cheating on her with Mean Nanny (Jess Salgueiro). It was clear that they had problems in their marriage before that, but this seemed like such an unnecessary storyline because it’s such a cliché.

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This felt like another TV show where a husband cheated on his wife with the babysitter/someone who is much younger. Couldn’t the show come up with something more original? Weather working mothers can relate, the Nathan affair is a low note for sitcom.

Anne’s ex-husband insults a very intimate part of her life

It’s one thing for Anne to have an office on the same floor as her ex-husband Brad (Christopher Redman). Another is for him to hypnotize her in her office and then insult a very intimate part of her life.

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There is no reason for Brad to comment on the way Anne behaves when she sleeps with someone. This was an unnecessary storyline because it was so creepy and it didn’t really go anywhere after this. Anne got mad at her ex-husband again when her fans already knew she hated him.

Val gets mad that women don’t want to hang out with her at a retreat.

the women in working mothers don’t love Val (Sarah McVie) because she’s too desperate for them to like her. So there’s no need for them to go on a retreat (in the season two episode called, of course, “Retreat”) and for her to be upset that they don’t want to hang out in her hotel room and drink. all night.

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This was painful to watch because fans of the show have seen Val in this kind of situation a lot. This feels like a plot that didn’t need to be part of the sitcom, as it would be nice to see the characters bond and connect with Val.

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Jenny gets a piercing that gets infected

In the first season, Jenny is having a hard time being a mom, and decides to go out, get drunk and get a piercing in a very intimate area. She gets infected, which makes this story even more uncomfortable to watch.

It’s clear that Jenny and Ian won’t work out and that Jenny isn’t mature enough to be a mother, so this story doesn’t seem necessary. It would have been better if they had a heated fight or if Ian confronted her about how she was screwing up.

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Kate’s mom takes care of the kids but gets mad at her dog

It’s quite strange that in the season 1 episode “Bad Help”, Kate’s mom starts babysitting her son Charlie, but makes a big deal out of how much she hates the dog. Kate is usually one of the best moms on TV, but this doesn’t make much sense.

This is so bad and it really doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t even feel like a true story. Instead, Kate’s mom might have questioned whether work-life balance is even possible or something more to do with the theme of the show.

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A creepy college student becomes obsessed with Anne

In season two, Anne meets a college student when she is giving a talk, and the young woman becomes completely obsessed with her. She wants to learn as much as she can about Anne, she tries to make Facebook friends with everyone she knows and even books a therapy session so she can spend time with her.

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This story turns spooky when they meet for lunch and the student has dyed and cut her hair to look like Anne’s. This seems so unnecessary because it looks like she’s not going anywhere, and Anne is so funny that she could have had enough funny stories.

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Ian gets an STD

It’s sweet to see Jenny’s baby daddy Ian (Dennis Andres) start dating again and try to buy her script. But it’s not so sweet when he gets an STD from sleeping with a new woman.

He handles it in such a foolish way by sharing too much with the pharmacist when he is picking up medicine. This story makes Ian seem even more immature when he should be upping his game as the father of her baby.

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There are lice in the camp

In the season 4 episode “Lice”, there are lice at the camp the kids attend, which is another storyline that could have been left out of the show.

There’s nothing so funny about head lice because by now, an outbreak of head lice has been in enough movies and TV shows that there isn’t a new take on the subject. It doesn’t seem like enough, and yet an entire episode was built on it. With so many likeable characters in working mothersit seems a shame to have a clichéd story.

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Frankie’s confused relationship in season 2

In season 2, Frankie leaves her marriage and starts dating again, but Dorothy (Angela Asher) isn’t the right person for her.

Frankie moves in with her too soon, which makes no sense, and also runs all of Dorothy’s errands. Then there are the creepy scenes when Dorothy straightens Frankie’s hair to make her look like a poodle. It’s all very strange and doesn’t feel like the show. Frankie is such a smart, cool, creative and quirky character. He deserves better plots than this.

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Frankie can’t sell a house

Weather working mothers it has funny secondary characters, there are some episodes that don’t deal with much. In Season 5, Frankie has another plot line that doesn’t do his character justice. She tries to sell an unattractive house because something horrible happened there.

This has been a storyline on several TV shows, and right now, it doesn’t feel unique or like it’s particularly compelling. It would be more fun if Frankie came across a really quirky house that people didn’t understand.

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Charlie’s imaginary friend in season 6

In the season 6 episode “Buried”, Kate’s son Charlie has an imaginary friend. This is another example of a story that doesn’t feel like it should be in the series.

Kate is a fascinating character who is insightful and smart but makes mistakes, which feels real. But her children could definitely have more unique plots, as imaginary friends have been explored too many times in sitcoms and dramas about families.

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