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‘Yellowstone’ Kelsey Asbille Discusses Monica’s ‘Tremendous Loss’: ‘Her Beliefs Have Been Shaken’ (Exclusive)

Kelsey Asbille

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Monica, Kayce and Tate Dutton suffered terrible heartbreak in the yellow stone season 5 premiere. After a car accident on the way to the hospital, Monica and Kayce’s second baby died shortly after birth. The loss left Monica and Kayce devastated.

hollywoodlife spoke EXCLUSIVELY to yellow stone star Kelsey Asbille about how Monica and Kayce will come out of this tragedy. Kelsey revealed that a “real turning point” is looming for Monica and John after Monica asks Kayce to bury her child at the ranch. Also, she talked about that beautiful and touching porch scene and her “tacit trust” with luke grimes. Read our questions and answers below:

Kelsey Asbille
Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton. (Paramont Network)

Monica is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. She suffered that head injury, and now she lost her baby. It’s incredibly traumatic but in a different way than her head injury. In the future, how will she deal with all her pain?
Kelsey Asbille: It is such a tremendous loss. Monica is someone who knows her identity. She stands firm in her identity as a mother, as a woman, as part of her community. I think for the first time her beliefs have been shaken. You probably see her at her worst. I think what’s really beautiful about this season and one of my favorite moments of the season is actually Monica and John Dutton. It is this truly defining moment where she chooses life and healing.

Speaking of John, Monica surprisingly asked Kayce if they could bury her son at the ranch. The relationship between Monica and the rest of the Duttons has been on and off. What does this mean for her relationship with John and the family given this decision?
Kelsey Asbille: I think it’s a real turning point. I think Kayce has always been a reluctant heir. They’ve always tried to protect themselves from the ranch, and I think now they’re realizing that it’s actually part of his legacy and that they have an important role to play.

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Tate is also involved in the accident. That’s a lot for one little boy to handle at one time, especially seeing his mother nearly lose her life. How will Monica handle how the accident has impacted Tate?
Kelsey Asbille: I mean, let me tell you, Tate needs to go to therapy. He’s been through that on the show. he was kidnapped My poor boy. What I love about the opening of episode 2 is that it’s really told through Tate’s eyes, experience, and perspective. It’s really his scene and his moment. He was so, so proud of break [Merrill]. Obviously, it’s such a devastating loss that the mother goes through, but also, I think what’s beautiful is that you realize how much it affects Kayce and Tate.

Kelsey Asbille
Kelsey Asbille and Brecken Merrill as Monica and Tate. (Supreme Network)

The loss of their baby could have easily torn Kayce and Monica apart, but they are closer than ever. This didn’t break them up, and I think that’s a testament to their love for each other and the strength of their relationship. Will it stay that way? Will you keep letting him in until the end?
Kelsey Asbille: I think it’s really exciting because they move forward together. It changes them as people and it changes their relationship, but it’s something that really brings them together in a way that you haven’t seen before. I’m very excited for what’s to come, especially in this next volume of season 5.

During that conversation between the two on the porch, Monica brings up Kayce’s vision of seeing the “end of us.” I think when you lose someone, you cling to things you wouldn’t normally cling to, or try to make sense of them. They talk about it a bit, but will that continue to weigh on her?
Kelsey Asbille: I think that’s been weighing heavily on his mind. I think the prospect of having a new child and all the hopes and dreams that come with that baby was his response and her solution. So when this happens, it comes to the forefront of your mind. I think you also get more clarity on that. He mentions it briefly in that scene, but I think you realize exactly what that means by the end of the season and how they’re going to respond.

Understandably, Monica and Kayce haven’t had time to get involved in John becoming governor. But inevitably, I feel like they are always affected by what happens with the rest of the family. Will they feel the impact of his decisions and the threats coming at him from all directions?
Kelsey Asbille: As you said, I think it affects them whether they like it or not. I think it’s more his absence from the ranch that will impact them. Honestly, they also see the ranch and family as a way to heal, which is amazing but also makes for some really great dinner scenes.

Tate questions Kayce about trying to have another baby. This loss is definitely still fresh and probably not something that is on Monica’s mind right now. But will that possibility arise again? Or do you think she’s going to need a long time to separate from what happened?
Kelsey Asbille: That line in the scene where he says “Tate really wanted a little brother, and I really wanted him to have one” is so heartbreaking because I think that way you realize how much Monica was affected, but also Kayce and Tate. But I think that’s on the horizon. I think she chooses life and healing. I think they want to try again.

I want to talk about that scene on the porch because I think it’s one of the most beautiful scenes in the show. Did you and Luke talk about that scene? You have such a balance with each other and so much is said without any dialogue. It’s amazing to see how it unfolds.
Thank you very much. That was our first day back. We actually didn’t talk about it before, but I think there’s a bit of unspoken trust and comfort in our working relationship where I feel so supported by him. it’s funny because Taylor [Sheridan] in fact, now that I’m here in Texas, he just showed me that scene. I had not seen it before. But what I really love is also, because obviously I couldn’t see it, that last look at Kayce when she’s in her arms. It just completely broke my heart. I think Luke [Grimes] it just absolutely nails it. I mean, it’s so devastating. I think we really care about Kayce and Monica. We really fight for them. We are also the first to defend them. I think what’s great about that scene is also that it’s a really human moment.

luke grimes
Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton. (Supreme Network)

I just thought about this just now. That scene parallels the scene at the end of the first episode when Kayce is in Monica’s arms in the hospital bed. Kayce looks completely broken. Although she is unconscious, Monica seems to be the strongest person at the time. That parallel is really amazing.
Kelsey Asbille: I loved filming that moment even though it’s tragic. I think that was also one of our first scenes this season. Everyone is in it, and we are rarely all together. You even have Jamie, Beth and John Dutton. I think the fact that Kayce is in bed with her is just devastating. I agree, I think Monica is usually the anchor of that house.

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