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‘Yellowstone’ star Wes Bentley says he broke his foot after kicking a bear in the face

You know Wes Bentley from the big TV hit yellow stone. (You probably also remember it from American Beauty if you are of a certain age).

When Wes recently walked the red carpet for yellow stone‘s fifth season, he sported a giant boot on his right foot.

Turns out Wes claims he broke his foot after… kicking a bear in the face. Yes really.

The actor told Entertainment Tonight that the incident occurred while he was camping with his family.

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“I was on a camping trip with my kids in Montana,” he explained. “A bear came up to me and I kicked it in the face and broke my foot.” And it looks like the approach to fending off the furry creature really worked!

“The bear started crying,” he said. “I didn’t know bears could cry. But this bear was crying.”

Wes also joked that the bear felt so bad that he made his children “eat well” and “apologized” to them, also saying that he hopes his children appreciate his heroic gesture.

“I had to sacrifice my leg for it, so I hope my kids are thankful, otherwise I’ll have to kick them out of the house,” she joked.

Damn, that’s cold. I probably wouldn’t personally kick a bear in the face anyway, but who knows what he would! Probably run. If that is.

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