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Zaya Wade looks stunning in new photos for Tiffany & Co.’s latest campaign.

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20220925 185017

Zaya Wade For Tiffany Co.

At the tender age of just fifteen, Zaya Wade landed a new ad with jewelry giant Tiffany & Co., an impressive feat for LGBTQ+ activist teen and eldest daughter of NBA legend Dwyane Wade! As one of the youngest to do so, the teen took to Instagram to reveal a series of four flawless photos captioned “Dreams come true ✨” taken as part of the Tiffany Lock campaign.

Zaya Wade For Tiffany Co.2
Photo: IG/Playback
Zaya Wade For Tiffany Co.1
IG Photo/Playback
Zaya Wade For Tiffany Co.3
Photo: IG/Playback

The styling team did a number on her look! Sporting a fresh but age-appropriate wardrobe, hair and makeup, Zaya wore a short-sleeved, fitted black top and a $6,800 lock bracelet from the brand delicately wrapped around her wrist. She could tell that she was meant to be a model with her poised posture, perfect pose of hers and glowing skin framed by her wispy half-up, half-down hairstyle: a completely new and different TWA look of hers. usual for her. Get the look below!

Zaya Wade For Tiffany Co.4 edited
Zaya Wade looks stunning in new photos for Tiffany & Co.'s latest campaign. 8

Get the Look: $6,800 Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Lock Bracelet in Yellow Gold

What you say? Will you splurge?

Main Image: IG/Playback

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