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Ford just released a trail-finding app. The aptly named Bronco Trail app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and includes a host of products for the true off-road enthusiast. In other words, this app is not for people who use their rugged SUVs primarily to buy coffee on the street.

The app takes riders to more than 1,200 professionally curated trails in the US, Canada, and Mexico (with more countries to come), totaling 18,000 miles. These maps allow you to filter by location, length, difficulty and more, with the ability to save your favorite trails. Once you save a ride, you can add waypoints, notes, and even photos to show off your favorite waypoints.

Of course, the further into nature you go, the more cell service declines. The app allows you to download maps in advance in satellite or 2D topographic format so you can view them even in the middle of nowhere.

Beyond the curated maps, here are some high-tech features. The app integrates with the SUV’s tire pressure gauge sensor and automatically adjusts the pressure to match trail recommendations. This feature works without a cellular or cloud connection. There’s a little social networking component here, too, as you can trade marked maps with other Bronco owners to share unique destinations and the like.

In-app video footage using the Ford Bronco Trail app, complete with data overlays.


On the subject of social media, the app includes the ability to capture videos, which are then shared via your preferred social network. This is no ordinary video though, as this content is automatically overlaid with all sorts of useful and nifty information such as speed, RPM, distance traveled, elevation and much more.

The app is free, but a new Ford Bronco costs around $42,000. It’s available to download right now and Ford says it will keep up with updates, adding more trails and features in the coming months. You’ll also need an up-to-date FordPass subscription, but if you own a new Bronco, you probably do as well.

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