Google Fi gets a rebrand, expanded smartwatch support, new free trial option, and more

Google Fi, the Google-operated cell phone carrier, is getting a host of new updates and a rebranding to Google Fi Wireless. The rebranding adds a bit of clarity on what exactly the service offers to its customers.

As for the new updates, Google Fi Wireless is adding cellular connectivity for the Pixel Watch or Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line to its Simply Unlimited plan. Prior to this change, it was only available on the Google Fi Unlimited Plus and Flexible plans. Customers with a cellular version of one of those watches can now add it to any Google Fi wireless plan at no additional charge. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of Apple Watch support.

Google Fi Wireless is also introducing a new free trial offer that allows you to try Google Fi Wireless for free if you have an eSIM-enabled device. The trial version gives you unlimited data, talk, and text in the US, along with hotspot tethering, spam blocking, and VPN.

“We invite anyone with an eSIM-enabled phone interested in trying out Google Fi Wireless to sign up for our free 7-day trial to test our coverage at home, work, or any of your favorite places before you move,” the company wrote. in a blog post “The trial version works right on your phone alongside your existing service, and of course you get to keep your same number.”

Additionally, the service adds a new benefit that gives customers a companion phone for every line added to any plan, but the phones come with a 24-month commitment that requires customers to stay on the wireless plan. If you cancel the agreement before the 24-month period, you will have to pay the difference of what you still owe. Phones customers will be able to choose from include the Google Pixel 6a, Samsung A14 and moto g power.

Finally, Google Fi Wireless is rolling out a revamped family-focused design of its app that is designed to make it easier for users to manage their family’s digital security settings. The redesign makes it easier to do things like make sure your child can only receive text messages from trusted numbers and add new members. The company says that this new update will start rolling out in the coming weeks.

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