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After months of rumors and leaks, Google has confirmed the existence of the Pixel Fold. He officially showed off the foldable for the first time in a video posted to Twitter and YouTube. The company was expected to reveal the Pixel Fold at Google I/O next week. However, as has often been the case in recent years, Google has offered an early look at an upcoming device ahead of a more spectacular launch event.

As revealed in various leaks, Google’s first foldable phone has a vertical hinge that opens to reveal a tablet-like screen, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold devices. When the Pixel Fold is closed, you can use a smaller touchscreen that sits on the side of the exterior. There are a series of cameras at the rear.

Reports have suggested that the Pixel Fold will start at $1,700 and could be available as early as next month (the video and a Google Store page merely indicate that it’s “coming soon”). It is said to run on Google’s Tensor G2 chipset, the same one found in the Pixel 7 devices. The external screen reportedly measures 5.8 inches and the internal display 7.6 inches. As for battery life, rumors suggest the Pixel Fold will run for up to 24 hours based on regular usage and up to 72 hours with Extreme Battery Saver mode enabled.

While pricing and specs have yet to be confirmed, we’ll get the full details on May 10 when I/O begins. Here’s hoping Google learned from Samsung’s early foldable missteps to make sure the Pixel Fold’s hinge is durable enough.

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