Alaskan Food Notes – Marginal REVOLUTION

There’s salmon, halibut, and crab, the latter usually priced at $125 a meal. I liked but didn’t love the salmon, which is why the halibut is the standout order in Anchorage, considering that even fish and chips can run you $45. The vegetables were somewhat better than expected. Many pretty good restaurants (at least if you order halibut) look somewhat less than pretty good, so the usual visual cues don’t apply. The prices seem determined by the ingredients, rather than the location of the restaurant or the state of the restaurant. I enjoyed my reindeer bibimbap. Chinese restaurants are not common, you’ll find a lot more Japanese and sushi places, which based on n=2 are pretty good. Namaste Shangri-La was excellent, it’s one of three (!) Nepali places in the city. I didn’t try Mexican food. There are several Polynesian venues. Fresh cranberry and lingonberry jams are not to be neglected. Lower your expectations for supermarkets, not only fruit but also cheese.

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